Prince Harry + Prince William: Why they could be a problem for the queen 2

Prince Harry + Prince William: Why they could be a problem for the queen

The photos taken Thursday by Prince William, the Duchess Catherine and their children and published by the British newspaper Daily Mail seem harmless at first sight: the family heads for a plane on a tarmac at the Norwich International Airport the company low-cost Flybe.

However, the recordings become explosive when you think about the royal theme that dominated the news in the previous days: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who wrote about protecting the environment at the same time. agenda and which still appear four times in just eleven days. Private jet flew. An incoherent image for many Britons and which raises strong criticism with regard to the couple.

To understand why this may be a problem in relation to the photos of Cambridge, we must go back a few years.

Prince William and Prince Harry, British Scrunchies

September 6, 1997 is a day when the world seems to be still for a moment and millions of people from all nations gather in front of the television. The images that the cameras send from London to the world on this sunny and peaceful morning are images that should plunge into the memory of contemporary history:

Two boys, aged 12 and 15, barely follow a coffin in the streets of the British capital, head down, next to their father, grandfather and uncle. The person to whom they must say goodbye too soon is their mother, Diana. Famous, loved and revered as the Princess of Wales, the Queen of Hearts. "Mom", the boys wrote on an envelope that was placed in a bunch of white flowers on the wood. It's a sight that surprises many observers and plays both boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, deep in their hearts.

Funeral March of Princess Diana: Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Charles Spencer, Prince William and Prince Charles (from ln)

In the years that followed, we saw the princes become handsome men. Despite their different characters – William, the Tranquil, Harry, the Wild – they have become the greatest popular characters in the country. They celebrated their birthdays, baptisms, diplomas, driver's licenses and first love. Harry and William – this connection seemed to be closely linked, especially because of the common destiny of being born royal and the untimely death of Diana.

Prince William and Prince Harry parted?

In October 2018, the healing world of Harry and William suddenly got a hard blow, at least to the public. At that time, the palace announced that Harry and his wife Meghan would leave the premises of Kensington Palace, home of William, Catherine and their three children, to travel to Windsor, located 35 kilometers away. The voices of the experts and royal initiates were strong: The brothers had developed in different directions the spatial separation of a necessary consequence. Shortly after, the sound became harder: the appearance of Meghan Markle was at the origin of the alienation of the brothers. A real stroke of luck for the newspapers, which feed the hunger of their readers of the alleged drama behind the palace walls with more and more alleged details of the royal flaw.

Prince Harry + Prince William

Duchess Meghan the brothers is she separated?

The move of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan from Kensington to Windsor is only one example among others of how the brothers will behave more and more in the future. But what does Harry's wife, Meghan share?

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How much truth is hiding behind the rumor of a loophole – you do not know it. But what you can almost certainly say: The Queen will not like Prince William and Prince Harry being staged with their wives by the press as protagonists of a royal soap opera. As a result, his Majesty will also not be "amused" by the question that Royal's experts are passionately arguing over the Cambridge photos on the tarmac at Norwich International Airport: if William deliberately took pictures for himself rid of his criticized brother take off positively? Just as positive stories are the survival elixir of the monarchy, negative stories resemble small poisoned arrows in their flesh.

British Palace vs. The royals

For decades, the British royal family and the press have forged tough relationships – one could even say love-hate – between them. The members of the royal family are aware that they need the media to pass positive stories about themselves and guarantee the legitimacy of the monarchy. What the palace wants to read are reports on the support of charities. Close connection with the Commonwealth States. A harmonious relationship between princes, duchesses, lord and ladies.

The crucial point, however: the public is interested in more than just charity dates and official appearances. Thus, the product most coveted by the press, who wants to protect the royal family with all its might: the privacy of its members.


The succession to the throne in the English royal family

The death of Princess Diana should set new standards, but …

Finally, it is this flagship product that has marked the historic low point of the relationship between the Royals and the press: the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. Earl Charles Spencer, Diana's A lot of people thought: "I always thought that the press would kill them at the end, but I could not even believe that they would play a role as well. immediate in their death, as they did. "

The pressure of the people and politics could not resist the press. Result: In January 1998, the Code of Practice, a journalistic guide published by the UK Press Complaints Commission, was supplemented by important clauses. In the future, information on the royal family or photographs of it obtained through "constant persecution" was prohibited. Children of the royal family should enjoy special protection in the future, provided they go to school.

But as we know today, the press should not learn from the mistakes of the past. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the wives of the princes, were followed by photographers and journalists. Too much for Harry: In a public statement of November 2016, he defended himself against "hatred and insults" against his girlfriend. The fact that a senior member of the Royals expresses so clearly on such a private issue while formally confirming a love story shows just how much the media has once again crossed their borders. And not only them: in the era of the Internet, news sites, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become a problem. Photos and information spread quickly and are shared and commented by thousands of people in an uncontrolled way.

The 2019 color parade

Is the palace powerless?

For decades, the press and the royal family have been caught between concessions and catches, and nothing will change. The palace tries to counter the pressure with well known methods. First, he adheres to a rule of gold communication, which must always be sent back to the queen mother: Never complain, never explain. Never complain, never explain yourself. Because every word would stir more dust. Secondly, the immense interest for the royal family with controlled published information and photos to serve.

But with gourmet newspapers fighting for each buyer in an increasingly problematic market, these methods seem no longer effective. As little as the previous attempts of the royal family to demonstrate by rare appearances the "Fantastic Four" of William, Meghan, Harry and Kate Harmony. This requires stronger signs than a Christmas service drive or a visit to a polo game (in which Kate and Meghan have barely exchanged a word) to dispel rumors of tension.

But perhaps in the end, it's also the bitter truth that the royal family must accept that the media respect their own rules of the game and do not ask if their players like them. The good news is that Queen Elizabeth overcame some crises during her 67-year reign over the UK. She will survive further.