Prince William and Duchess Kate travel in regular flight 2

Prince William and Duchess Kate travel in regular flight

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Prince William and Duchess Kate with family

Prince William and Duchess Kate in family | Photo: Matt Porteous

A royal family: Prince William with his wife Duchess Kate and the three children, Prince Louis (left), Princess Charlotte (M) and Prince George (right). Photo (2018): Matt Porteous / PA Wire – Photo: Matt Porteous

In the midst of a debate about climate-damaging travel by Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (38) on private planes, Prince William and Duchess Kate (both 37) ) opted for a regular flight.

According to British media reports, the two Royals and their three children traveled Thursday from Norwich to Aberdeen, Scotland. The destination of the trip was most likely Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II traditionally spends the summer. The photos showed William's bags carrying his two eldest children, Prince George (age 6) and Princess Charlotte (age 4), on the trail. Duchess Kate follows Prince Louis, a year old.

The airline Flybe said at the request of the German news agency Friday that she was "delighted" that William and Kate have traveled several times with the airline. The palace did not want to comment.

British media has accused Harry and Meghan of calling for hypocrisy on social networking sites. Reason has been reported on several vacation trips of the couple in private jets in a few days. Traveling in a private plane is much more damaging to the climate than a regular flight. Pop stars like Elton John and Pink defended Harry and Meghan and criticized the media for their unfair reporting.

The leaves were returned Friday. The title "Sun" of Friday: "Wills [Kurzform für William] give Harry a lesson in driving! ".

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