Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Kate & Co.: Knicksen, kiss & fly: 7 rules to which the Royals must comply 2

Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Kate & Co.: Knicksen, kiss & fly: 7 rules to which the Royals must comply

As a reminder, the royal protocol is a kind of set of rules, as in certain situations. It describes the procedures for official events, such as receptions or trips to the service of the Crown, and has clear rules for these events. However, the royal etiquette describes some unwritten rules and can be compared to "Knigge". She gives the highnesses rules of morals and dress codes in order to appear nobly externally and truly royal. We have already presented you with nine directives, but not all of them have been named. Now, a few others follow.

The Duchess Meghan (38), the most recent British in the royal family, likes to break one or the other rule. In the video below, we show you their most common mistakes.

One year after the engagement: these mistakes still allow

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1. The royal family must belong to the Anglican Church

The following provision is based on the "Settlement Agreement" (German: "Regulatory Act") from 1701. After that, it is forbidden for members of the British royal family – who belong to "the Church of England" – to marry a person of Roman Catholic confession. Any other faith is accepted. In fact, this ban was passed on October 28, 2011. The faith of the marriage candidate did not play until a few years ago no longer matter. As long as Queen Elizabeth (93) has blessed her, all is well.

Despite the change of law, Meghan was baptized Anglican before yielding the throne to Prince Harry (34) in 2018. The affiliation of married family members to the Church of England thus still appears to be a formality and, especially, a sign of respect for the queen.

Meghan and Harry at their wedding "width =" 857 "height =" 486

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May 19, 2018: Prince Harry marries American American Meghan Markle. The former actress becomes Duchess Meghan. In the run-up to the ceremony, the brown beauty of "The Anglican Anglican Church" is attached.

Prior to the amendment of the "Act of Settlement", the Royals lost their right to the throne if they married a person of Roman Catholic faith. However, the rule remains that the aspirant must remain a member of the Anglican Church.

second Nothing works without the blessing of the queen

After the "Royal Marriages Act" From 1772, the consent of the reigning monarch must be obtained for a marriage. Since the coronation of the Queen on June 2, 1953, she has a say. However, the modification of the "law of settlement" also changed, because the "law on royal marriages" was more or less upset. Thus, only the first six pretenders to the throne must receive the consent of the British head of state if they want to stand before the altar. The small Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (3 months), the first child of Harry and Meghan, should be free to choose his future wife, because Prince William and his family will push the Sussex further and further to the throne.

It will take some time before the little Archie reaches the marriageable age. The Sussex Scion was born on May 6 this year and was introduced to the public two days later. The golden images that you see in the following video.

With After-Babybauch & radiantly beautiful: "I have the two best boys in the world"


3. No gestures of love in public

Hold your hand in the vicinity, throw languid glances, maybe a little kiss here or there: all the acts of love that are banal for "normal" couples. Like Royal, however, should remember with statements of affection in public. The record is why we never see Duchess Kate (37 years old) and Prince William (37 years old) pass their fans waiting on official dates. Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, are less likely to adhere to this policy and are often in physical contact during events.

Harry and Meghan holding hands at a public date "width =" 857 "height =" 486

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are still in love and can barely hold hands. Holding your hand on the red or yellow carpet is perfectly normal for both.

4. Folding the legs into a sitting position, that's fine – but please in a royal way

In addition, the royal etiquette brings a certain posture to the ladies of the royal family. Putting one's legs on top of another does not make sense. For the queen, Kate, Meghan and all the other ladies are valid: legs close together, slightly bevelled and intersect at the ankles. However, Meghan has often been seen with crossed legs. But it is forgiven, after all, it is not easy to resume old habits overnight. And the pose described seems really a little uncomfortable, as shown in the following photo.

Duchess Kate "width =" 857 "height =" 486

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In Leicester, Duchess Kate shows how to sit as a royal lady. Knees together, slightly chamfering the legs and cross your ankles as you wish. Simply beating your legs is not part of it!

5. Kinks like royal? But certainly!

The following rules apply to all Royal ladies of the British Royal Family: In the greeting, the kinks are made in front of members of the royal family. It's a subtle move downward. One leg is placed behind the other to kneel easily in this position. Everything is combined with a slight lowering of the head. This is also true for Kate & Co. and probably not as easy with the usual high heels. But even the gentlemen of the royal family welcome the British monarch or other personalities of a higher level, not just with a simple "hello". They are supposed to bow in front of each other. Incidentally, family members aged five and over expect that they will bend and bend. Little Prince George (6) must already adhere to it. In contrast to his younger sister, Princess Charlotte (age 4).

You will find more information on buckling and bow in the video at the top!

As simple as it may seem at the beginning, unfortunately, this part of the protocol is not. In 2012, the queen missed, according to the British newspaper "The Telegraph", an updated regulation, namely. The girls of the royal family have since been subordinated to the "princesses of the blood" and must therefore kneel before them. This means that Kate and Meghan, who are above Princess Eugenie (29) and Princess Beatrice (31) through their husbands, still have to honor the royal sisters. However, there is a special rule here: if William and Harry are involved, the rule no longer applies and the girls of Prince Andrew (59) have to kneel. Pretty complicated!

Kate (Knicks in front of the queen) "width =" 857 "height =" 486


Even for the perfect Knicks, the middle-class Duchess Kate is a true professional. In the photo above, the 37-year-old woman greets Queen Elizabeth.

6. The heirs travel separately

A protocol rule states that heirs of a lineage – such as Prince Charles (70 years old) and William – are not allowed to travel in the same plane. Too big is the danger of an incident. William and Kate broke this rule when they traveled to New Zealand and Australia in 2014 and took their eldest son George on the plane. However, as soon as the Mini-Royal turns 12, things should change, as reported by Harper's Bazaar. Today, at the age of six, his father will be Williams' immediate descendant.

Kate and William with Little George leaving a plane "width =" 857 "height =" 486

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Prince William and Duchess Kate, Prince George on arms, arriving in Wellington, New Zealand, in April 2014. The fact that William was traveling with his son on the same plane was a violation of the protocol. Because it put the succession to the throne in danger. Parents have however decided to ignore the rule and prefer to act for the benefit of their son.

7. That Prince George always wears shorts is not a coincidence

Little George looks all the sweeter in all his performances, while he walks in his shorts as well in the summer as in the winter. However, this is no reason for style, but is due to tradition. As she claims in this case a dress code for the Mini-Royal, this can certainly be considered part of the etiquette of the British royal family. "Long pants are for boys and older men, while shorts for younger boys are part of the quiet rules we have in England," says label expert William Hanson of harpersbazaar.com. If the Mini-Royal reaches the age of eight, it will change. Even the youngest Cambridge scion, Prince Louis (1), will soon appear only in shorts in front of the cameras.

Prince George "width =" 857 "height =" 486


Until the age of eight, Prince George will be in shorts only. It is the tradition of the British royal family.

You see, the royal life is not a picnic. So let's be happy to be "normal".

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