SegWit Creator Introduces Optimized Language for Bitcoin Smart Contracts 2

SegWit Creator Introduces Optimized Language for Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Bitcoin Core developer Pieter Wuille has developed a new programming language called "Miniscript" to simplify the programming of smart contracts for Bitcoin.

Pieter Wuille is one of the most prolific and respected developers in the Bitcoin scene and is responsible for the creation and implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit). He also introduced improvements such as the Taproot, MAST and Schnorr signatures, which would give more privacy to Bitcoins.

His latest programming language called Miniscript looks like an advanced script for Bitcoin and builds on the existing scripting language for Bitcoin. Smart contract

Smart contracts that work on the Blockchain itself.


"href =" "> Smart Contracts sure. Miniscript was developed with the aim of optimizing Smart Contracts of Bitcoin.

For example, this allows you to specify certain conditions that must be met for Bitcoin to be generated. This can be a time limit or the requirement of multiple signatures to validate a transaction.

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Wuille, a prominent personality in the Bitcoin community, said he would work on incorporating parts of Miniscript into the Bitcoin kernel, if developers want it. Miniscript has already undergone extensive testing based on the current Bitcoin consensus rules.


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Digital currencies, mostly decentralized, always distributed and protected by a cryptographic protocol. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency.


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