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Spaghetti with Hofmann | Football | SWR Sports

KSC striker Philipp Hofmann has taken his new club. Three goals in three league games speak for themselves. But Hofmann seems to be well integrated, not just in the field.

Philipp Hofmann smiles. We planned to film with the KSC striker in a popular outdoor cafe in Karlsruhe. But apart from us, only four people are in the beer garden, designed for four hundred people instead of four. The cameraman looks around him dubiously. "No problem," said the friendly blonde. Friendly, accommodating, does not take too important, I note it on my note "Philip Hofmann".

He accepts the situation as it is and makes the most of it. This best describes the man. Or the phrase that goalkeeper coach Markus Miller says about him: "What's strange is that it's so normal." Even from the team, we only hear about "Hoffi". The new north is popular.

"He is very calm and well balanced, but when he needs to, he is here," said Marvin Pourié. "A man like a tree is almost two meters tall, which is good for us," said captain David Pisot, who is 1.85 meters tall.

The happy endless England

Hofmann orders a special, but finds that he has no money. I slipped him unnoticed a bill. He pays and immediately returns the rest of the money. Then he talks about the football career, he went through all U-national teams until the under-21 team. Former U-20 coach Frank Wormuth, under whom Hofmann played six games for Germany from 2012 to 2013, recalls: "He was the classic football player, and in the team structure, he had a clear opinion and he did the same, "he said.

When under-21 coach Horst Hrubesch, wanted to deny the 1.96-meter forward at the Rio Olympics. Hofmann played meanwhile at Brentford FC, in West London. There, it was necessary to extinguish a Danish striker, a second did not want to let go. Hofmann had to stay and then was injured.

English championship football, the English second division, was his: the long high balls, the kick-and-rush. But the coach who brought him had to leave. He himself was struggling with back problems and the English adventure had not become a success story. He then makes the experience of the most different coaches on many resorts. Until coach Alois Schwartz takes him to Karlsruhe.

Team spirit? A whole question of good pasta

Frustration or annoyance? No trace. "England was always a very important experience that I would not want to miss," said the 26-year-old. "Traffic left, English breakfast, the other language." His tattoos on his left arm are a reminiscence of his time in the English metropolis: a wind rose and a desiccated tree.

Slowly, the outdoor cafe fills up, it is about 18 hours and the sun is shining. Now the manager appears and warmly greets Hofmann. He is happy that the KSC striker is his guest. If we want to drink or eat, he asks. We deny it. "No, thanks," said the tall blonde. "Damian Roßbach is cooking tonight."

"Are you cooking in the team?" I asked. "Yes," says the attacker. "I love to cook and I will arrive soon, but all the furniture is not there yet and the kitchen is not well installed."

He is also new, but as fast as Philipp Hofmann has become athletically and humanly integrated into the park team, which has a special quality. And if the giant storm has found his noodle filter, teammates can expect spaghetti to the Hoffman.