Sports: The Styrian Women's Football Academy - 2

Sports: The Styrian Women's Football Academy –


Styria has officially a women's football academy since this week. SK Sturm and Styrian Football Association are in charge. This is to provide girls playing football an ideal training platform.

Until now, 14-year-old girls from Styria had only the opportunity to enter the world of adult football directly. Now, with the women's football academy, children are opening up new possibilities.

Strengthen the "width"

"Our goal was to establish a second base in Austria, in addition to Lower Austria," said Elisabeth Tieber, executive director of the Women's Football Academy. Talented female students aged 14 to 18 can now be supported. CEO Mario Karner said that not only will the Sturm women's football team benefit, but also that the scale is expected to increase. That all women's football clubs in Styria can rely on talents trained in guta "

The Austrian Women's National Team will also have new talent in the future. Christian Lang, athletic director of the academy: "We create a career plan in which we record development physically, sporadically and personally."

Intensive training for up to ten players per year

Up to six times a week, the women's football academy will be formed starting in the fall. "Two training sessions in the morning and four o'clock in the afternoon, and then the players can play on the weekend, and we see that we are optimally preparing them, both in the sporadic sphere and in the personal sphere, "says Tieber. Each year, between eight and ten players have the chance to be admitted to the new women's football academy in Graz.