Stop the bashing of the Union: "Let me have my football fairy tale!" - sport 2

Stop the bashing of the Union: "Let me have my football fairy tale!" – sport

A way forward. I grew up in England as a fan of Bayern Munich and West Ham. But in 2013, I wanted to go to a club in Berlin and I do not like watching football with the twin in a half empty athletics stadium. So I went to old forestry. Since then, I am this bloody Berlin footballer, lover of the 1st FC Union.

I understand that the hype of the Union annoys some. While many have touted the merits of the "slightly different club" since the rise, there are more and more reasons why the Union is bad. S Attack on the construction of a stadium, give blood, sing Christmas – all stereotypes too romantic, say these cynics. My colleague Christoph Dach has recently criticized the self-staging. Stop this union-bashing!

The union is more and more romanticized by others. "We have no myth here, but a story with some success and many defeats," said Gerald Vereinschronist.

The Union does not always succeed in trying to balance the Fannähe with commercial pragmatism – as indicated by the justified call of the new sponsor Aroundtown. Nevertheless, it is not an exaggeration to seek common ground between an honest amateur club and a mega club.

The bad conscience of the gentrifiers

The trade unionists are proud of their history and the incredible atmosphere of Alte Försterei. But you are proud of yourself at Köpenick. Some are even surprised that the outside world is interested in the union. On the evening of the ascent, I met a man in a pub who did not really know what shocked him more: this Union was first class or he was celebrating the ascent with an Englishman and two Australians in the "tank".

We are no longer exotic. There are many Anglo-Saxon trade unionists who go on a pilgrimage to Köpenick with the bad conscience of the eternal gentrifiers. The one who cheers will be welcome. Recently, I brought to the stadium an Englishman with German skills at level A2. The lady next to us did not want to rest until he could memorize each fanfare.

I am happy with such encounters – and therefore I am all the more angry when West German friends tell me that the club is full of Nazis. I am not naive enough to believe that there are no supporters of the right wing Union. However, generalizations are false and do not help those who raise their voices against racism. As neither Ossi nor Wessi, I do not want to recognize a lazy snobbishness towards the East: the scene of Dortmund supporters stamped despite local problems with not-so-distant right-wing fans.

And only the hymn: "The team knows we are behind it / And who does not understand, the joh! N to Hertha!" Most members of the Union have no problem with Hertha. Like me.

Maybe with my love for the Union, I will produce a production and that's just a fairy tale of East Berlin. But football is here: write fairy tales. If you do not get it, you really should go to Hertha.