Taylor Swift returns - It's the new album "Lover" 2

Taylor Swift returns – It's the new album "Lover"

August 23, 2019

Taylor Swift releases her new album "Lover". The songs speak of different types of love, but also of self-liberation. And the belligerent singer from Nashville is also becoming political in her pop songs.

This princess of pop has never been a person who has been chic and lamented all peas, or who has turned the evil world into lavish pink. Taylor Swift finally grew up in the industrial town of Reading, Pennsylvania, on the northern outskirts of Rustle, where American pretzels are cooked and battered people wear their hearts in tongues. Taylor Swift likes the argument. Stress with stalkers, quarrels with old lovers or with colleagues like Kanye West or Katy Perry. All conflicts have always been spread in the media and music. A fighting nature. The man in front of a rogue radio man shot (and won) while the debate on #MeToo was still waiting to be launched.

The "Lover" -Cover is in pink and baby blue – but appearances are misleading

Swift's new album is now called "Lover" – an 18-track album with pink clouds and a sky blue sky cover and the blonde Taylor with a sparkling heart around his right eye. Are you now totally responsible for celestial love in the 29-year-old's songs, the former of his albums that's called "Fearless", "Reputation" or "Speak Now"?

Yes and no Let's start with the animated dance floor "I forgot you existed"? In the Swift joyfully sings that she's not far from the ex-darling for a long time, and that she's after her – magically (and of course, paradoxically) – I simply forgot overnight, including all his love lessons and his advice. After that, he became much more "nice, peaceful and quiet," Swift summed up. At the end of the song, she laughs briefly to struggle painfully with the arms of a reckless lover in "Cruel Summer" (another pop song anchored in the head). Conclusion: The fundamental love for oneself is the most important thing in life.

"London Boy" is an ode to Swift's friend, Joe Alwyn

Of course, there are also clear odes to friendliness: "It's nice to have a friend", a ballad with Caribbean Steeldrums and brass. Or "London Boy", dedicated to his current British friend, actor Joe Alwyn, and at the same time expressing his love for Tennessee and the Bruce Springsteen Whiskey. Or the joyous march "Me!", She with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the disco sings. Or just the title song – "Lover".

With its heavy drums and a lot of reverb on his voice, this looks like a gift from the early 1960s – a retro piece that testifies to the fact that Swift has not forgotten his country legacy. This also applies to the acoustic guitar played "Soon You're Better" with the Dixie Chicks. Dickie Chicks? Emily Robison, Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines are to date the most titled women's group in the United States (13 Grammys, 30.5 million sold albums). In the early 90s, not only in the Nashville Institution, but also for Republican President Guantanamo, George W. Bush. and recently announced his first studio album since 2006.

If the song "Soon you feel better" refers to a near future with a first man more competent than the current one? Swift reports on "Lover" politically as never before. With the e-mail "You Need to Calm Down," she advocates free sexuality and freedom of identity, and features in the video popular LGBTQ personalities such as "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, or presenter Ellen DeGeneres television for the good cause of equal rights. in front of the camera and speaks up at the end of the clip in a fun pot-lunch-dance-hamburger scene with the long hostile Katy Perry (Burger) for reconciliation instead of parting. In the "Miss Americana and the heart-rending prince" in a whisper, she sings then the American decline that affects cities like Reading, the great America of Trump can not recognize, but only whites: "Where are the wise? I'm scared, darling! "

And in "The Man", she imagines what it would be like to become a man yourself. "I would be an alpha guy, a fearless leader," she sings. Euphemism. A woman with 120 million fans on Instagram is a leader not to be underestimated. As she was fearless now, she showed the year before 2018, when she had attacked the Senate candidate in her home country, Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, for homophobic remarks. Trump loved their music by tweeting 25% less. Swift did not hurt that.

"Lover" brings pop to love – in many styles

"Lover" is a mainstream album up to the motownbeat "Paper Rings". Pop to Like, a pop that incorporates so many sounds that you do not find it immediately boring, unlike most current albums, which sound like an idea of ​​variants. A quick adult, quoting Shakespeare, sings "All is well that ends well" in "Lover". "Everything is fine, everything is fine" – that's how she can see this both professionally and privately. Where a political end is always missing and after the album is still in front of the album.

By Matthias Halbig / RND

By Matthias Halbig / RND