That's why fans will love "Lover" 2

That's why fans will love "Lover"

It's finally time! Taylor Swift has released her long awaited seventh studio album. And of course, "Lover" was already celebrated by the singer and her closest friends. But his new music is not just a statement of love to love, as the 29-year-old girl has already explained. TayTay refers to personalities in certain lines of songs. In "I've forgotten you existed" and "The Man," she indirectly comments on the rumors surrounding her struggles with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as her differences with the Scooter Manager Braun, as well as her personal differences. with Leonardo DiCaprio, who notes with humor that the actor is known to celebrate in luxury rooms with much younger models, but since "Lover" is a love letter to love, of course, the songs on his new album also talk about Joe Alwyn. ME! "- Performing together for almost three years While singing her debut on" Cornelia Street "with her lover, in other songs, one would think that Taylor and Joe are already engaged, of course, Taylor Swift has Album again touched on all the problems of his life and the fans should be very happy.

With the seventh studio album of "Lover" Taylor Swift on the market. And fans will love this album, because all the important topics of the singer are discussed. In addition to a love letter to love, there are also some lines on the work regarding the dispute with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Here you can learn more about it!

Pastel, emotional and critical colors: "The lover" of Taylor Swift has arrived

Long eu Taylor Swift Fans were curious to hear about their seventh studio album. Now it's here, and TayTay wrote on Instagram: "This album celebrates love in all its complexity, intimacy and chaos – it's my first album that only belongs to me and I could not be more proud. so happy that "Lover" has come out now! " There are many songs on the album, but typical of Taylor Swift, other themes of his life are musically summed up.

Songs on "Lover" comment on events and life experiences of Taylor Swift

A long-standing exchange with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian has not only caught the attention of Taylor Swift in recent years, but has also generated a lot of hatred from Kanye fans online. In 2019, audiences followed Differences with Music Manager Scooter BraunIt refers indirectly to such events with the first title of the album "I Forgot That You Existed". "The Man" shows how attitudes towards women and men still differ, and how unequal gender behavior is. How could she have spoken and written about her if she was a man? Asked the singer. Tay Tay also mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio and pointed with a wink at the well-known Hollywood Actor's preference for much younger women.

A large part of "Lover" dedicated to Taylor Swift of love

Of course, matching the title also concerns many aspects of love, as well as Taylor Swift's own "lover", her friend. Joe AlwynThe musician and the British actor have been together for almost three years. The superstar describes, for example, in songs like "Cornelia Street" or "I think he knows," the delighted beginning of a relationship.

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