The Winklevoss brothers about Bitcoin: "Wall Street has slept" 2

The Winklevoss brothers about Bitcoin: "Wall Street has slept"

The Winklevoss twins, both well-known Bitcoins (BTC) and founders of the Gemini crypto market, explained that it is mainly private investors who benefit from the advantages of the crypto market.

In one interview With CNN Business on Aug. 22, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss shared their vision of Bitcoin as an investment, sector risk, and the traditional financial sector approach to the new asset class.

Buy a piece of the internet from the money

Many people still consider that Bitcoin is too risky for the average investor. Tyler, for his part, argued that the retail cryptography business is even ahead of the financial institutions. He explained:

"Unlike the Internet, where you can not buy a piece, you can buy a piece of this new Internet money, the market is still driven by the retail sector, it has always been that way and many people have done very well Wall Street has slept while driving. "

Cameron goes on to say that, compared to all traditional investments, bitcoin is more like gold. It is a new store of value for the digital era. And if it can be volatile, it is the future. "We had to invest because we were afraid to miss something, we just can not miss this future."

Overestimated risks

The twins are always very open about their willingness to work with the regulators. Cameron has already said, "Compliance is the DNA of our company." Nevertheless, they criticized a certain fear that still distorts the risks associated with cryptography.

Tyler claims that Facebook's Balance has not even been published – no one is using it for something illegal – and yet, regulatory problems are already associated with it.

Bitcoin has been used by criminals – remember Silk Road and the Kremlin Internet Research Agency in the 2016 US elections. Many of them are now in prison, he said. .

"Smart criminals," says Tyler, "do not use Bitcoin, because it's very easy to go back to now." Increasingly sophisticated blockchain forensic tools are being developed.

The conclusion: "Criminals have used the US dollar more than anything else."

As recently reported, the Winklevoss twins revealed that they were ready to associate with the sworn enemy, Mark Zuckerberg, on Libra. You just need more details on the project.