Washington Ballet: Sleepy Hollow 2

Washington Ballet: Sleepy Hollow

The Washington Ballet's Sleepy Hollow, which debuted at the Kennedy Center on February 18, 2015, reimagines a classic American ghost story intertwined with the real horror of the infamous Salem witch trials. The creative arm of the Design Army's drive to promote this atmospheric production includes drone materials, master film, and excellent typographic treatments in editorial, video, and promotional materials that enhance Ballet's lush language for an immersive sensory experience.

The Design Army harnesses the power of creativity to take the audience beyond the stage with digital video captured at the US National Arboretum. The characters are pulled out of the spotlight and cast into the shadows of a forest-fevered sleep. Dare to go outside the theater with the Design Army for a multi-platform experience that keeps dancers and spectators alike.

Agency: Planning Army
Creative CEO: Pum Lefebure
Producer: Jake Lefebure
Artistic director: Mariela Hsu
Designer: Janice Chae
Production Coordinator: Leah Appel
CEO: Holly Thomas
…………. ..
Director, Producer: Dean Alexander
Original score: Matthew Pierce
Editor: David Grossbach
DP (Dancers): John Benam
AC (dancers): Michael Malatico
Drone operator (horse): Robert Stevenson
Hair and Makeup: Dean Krapf / Andrea Mitchell / Holly Burnham / Elizabeth Davila
Stylist: Pascale Lemaire
Color level: CVLT
Gaffer: Scott Perryman
Handles: Dan Stack / Matthew Brennan
Crane user: Joey Walker
Smoke and snow effects: Doug Retzner / Henry Hopkins
Additional camera operator: Wayne Arnold / Chloe Alexander / Dean Alexander
BTS Video Cameras: Rashid Belt / Caz Rubacky
PAs: Jon-Michael Moses / Stefan Ways / Mark Burchick
RV / Hospitality: Happy Dunning
Rider: Justin Batoff
Stunt Horse: Researcher's strike