Win tickets for the Grand Gourmet Prize at Steigenberger 2

Win tickets for the Grand Gourmet Prize at Steigenberger

Osnabrück. Who wants to eat delicious? Sven Elverfeld is considered by many gourmets as the best chef in Germany. He exhibits his culinary art on Sunday 8th September at the "Gourmet Lower Saxony Grand Prix 2019" at the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque in Osnabrück. There, he cooks with other award-winning chefs. In total, eight Michelin stars are gathered that day. We give 2 times 2 tickets.

The culmination of the chefs is not a contest, but a gala evening at which a six-course menu accompanied by wines is served. The best cooks of Lower Saxony will be named after reading by In addition to the three-star chef Sven Elverfeld from the "Aqua" restaurant of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Wolfsburg, Michelin-starred chefs Achim Schwekendieck from the "Schlosshotel Münchhausen" in Aerzen and Benjamin Gallein from the restaurant "Ole Deele" in Großburgwedel are present. In addition, the local hero Andreas Klatt of Steigenberger Hotel Remarque is also in the kitchen.

Two guest chefs from Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern form the culinary scene. They are Ronny Siewert from the restaurant "Friedrich Franz" at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm and Hendrik Otto from the "Lorenz Adlon dining room" at the Berlin Adlon hotel.

Otto has already cooked for former US President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip. He is looking forward to working with Elverfeld and Osnabrück. "The city itself also deserves a visit, especially since it has been here for years with" life ", one of the best addresses of German culinary art. Informed audience of Osnabrück, "said Otto in an interview with our editors.

Andreas Dietz from the Rostock-based "desas" agency, which has been organizing the "Grand Gourmet Award" for more than ten years in various federal states, is delighted to have won Otto for this event on Sunday: "He comes from all over the world from the Capital kitchen of Germany.The Berlin scene can compete with Paris and London. "

Hendrik Otto, who has two Michelin stars and is considered the best chef in the capital for seven years, is familiar with the Gourmet Grand Prix, he said. "I also always love the menu animations." This year, New York singer Saudia Young, who plays "Black Rhythm & Blues", was hired. It's a combination of rhythm & blues like Bo Diddley, Rockabilly and Dark Cabaret.

We offer 2 x 2 tickets. Send an SMS with the mobile Gour Gourmet ID to short code 52020 until August 26 or call 0137/808401396 (gourmet keyword).

Rules: Participation by SMS or phone. Price per SMS 49 cents, call from the German landline 50 cents. Please leave your name, address, phone number and keyword for the draw on a call. The winners will be informed. NOZ MEDIEN employees and their relatives can not participate. The legal process is excluded.

There are tickets here

Tickets for the "Grand Gourmet Award" are available at a price of only 219 euros directly at the Steigenberger-Hotel Note by phone at 0541/6096669 or by e-mail at the address The prize includes: a champagne reception with small treats, a six-course menu of participating chefs, accompanying wines, entertainment with Saudia Young. The gala starts at 5 pm and ends at 11 pm After: evening after show.