These five business stories should have read " 2

These five business stories should have read "

In an interview, he told my colleague Karl Gaulhofer Hannes Androsch, entrepreneur and former finance minister, compared the current pre-election period to crippling content. For him, a provincial Biedermeier reigned: the well-being of the people should not be disturbed. Even the old big parties, ÖVP and SPÖ, come out a lot. It's worth it to Androsch: "Short book populist joke numbers," read it.

Laughter number Apropos: A renowned staff consultant has spoken out against the nomination of a candidate for the post of financial director of Austrian casinos. And what was the consequence? Law. The candidate, Peter Sidlo, of the FPÖ, nevertheless became a member of the board of directors. Wavy with the votes of government representatives on the Supervisory Board, as head of the department Hanna Kordik in casinos in Austria: as warned by the staff consultant in front of the post of blogger writes.

And Kordik has something in common with our new colleague Kamil Kowalcze just postponed a story. They traced the abrupt career of Peter Sidlo. A lawyer and law graduate, he quickly became an economic expert because of the limited staff reserves of the FPÖ. From there, the journey to the board of Austrian casinos was short.

Let's stay in the beautiful federal capital. Hedi cut, which has been following the mistakes of the real estate company Wienwert for a long time, has spoken with the lawyers of many creditors who have subscribed to Wienwert bonds. The law firm brought an action for damages against the agent and Liechtensteinische Landesbank as a paying agent. In Wienwert: Where are the millions? Is there the status quo?

as well Beate Lammer and Nikolaus Jilch also dealt with a speculative subject. In fact, the return of Bitcoin, the oldest and largest cryptocurrency in the world, had already been taken into account when the price finally fell back into the four-digit dollar range. But that was not the case. The two financial experts describe why Bitcoin is part of everyday life and that institutional investors and people who do not have access to the bitcoin market can now rely on digital currency.

We focus on you and your reading habits. It is interesting to reread again the past week the Eco of the "press". In this sense, you have a good weekend.