Bitcoin Grayscale: Look at the numbers! () 2

Bitcoin Grayscale: Look at the numbers! ()

On 25.08.2019, 20:54 hour listed the Bitcoin stock in grayscale with the price of 13.44 USD.

We analyzed the perspectives of Bitcoin in grayscale in 4 main categories. The stock receives a partial valuation for each category. Overall, the results lead to the ranking as "buy", "keep" or "sell".

1. Investors: An overview of the discussion in social media shows the following picture: Over the past few days, market participants have generally been largely supportive of Bitcoin in grayscale. There were a total of five positive days and four negative days. There was no clear direction for five days. The latest news about the company over the past two days is also mostly positive. Based on our analysis of opinions, Bitcoin Grayscale receives a "purchase" rating. Overall, Bitcoin Grayscale receives the "buy" rating from the editorial for investor sentiment.

2. Relative Strength Index: A known technical analysis tool used to determine whether a stock is currently "overbought" or "oversold" is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which relates price movements over time. We examine the RSI 7 and 25 days for bitcoin in grayscale. Let's start with the 7-day RSI, which currently stands at 26.61 points. This means that Bitcoin Grayscale is currently oversold. The stock is therefore classified as a "purchase". What about the 25-day RSI? Unlike RSI7, grayscale Bitcoin is neither overbought nor sold. For the RSI25, security is therefore classified as "Pending". Grayscale Bitcoin is therefore ranked "Buy" ultimately for this point in our analysis.

3. Technical Analysis: The average closing price of the Bitcoin grayscale shares of the last 200 trading days is currently $ 7.89. The last closing price ($ 13.44) therefore diverges by + 70.34%, which corresponds to a "buy" rating from the technical point of view. Let's look at the average of the last 50 trading days. For this value ($ 13.7), the closing price is close to the moving average (-1.9%). Thus, in this case, there is another grading of Bitcoin action in grayscale, namely a ranking "pending". Overall, the grayscale bitcoin stock receives the "buy" rating for the simple graph technique.

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