Crypto Performance: winner and loser of the week 2

Crypto Performance: winner and loser of the week

who cryptocurrency the top 20 in terms of market capitalization achieved the best price performance of the last 7 days? Without a doubt, it makes sense to take to heart the frequent travelers of the hour. However, the fundamental factors must not be lost sight of.

One thing is particularly interesting: over the past 7 days, Bitcoin's market dominance has declined somewhat. However, only slightly. Nevertheless, in 2019, the BTC is better behaved than the Altcoins. Exactly this can not be observed at the moment. The value of Bitcoin even decreased by 0.9% during this period.

The graphic development of encrypted currencies feeds the hope

To avoid misunderstandings: in the data, we are talking about quince.

These three cryptocurrencies have acquired the most value:

  • Ethereum Classic: price increase of 33.3%
  • IOTA: price increase of 12.9%
  • Cardano: price increase of 9.3%

Where there is light, there is also darkness. All digital currencies have not increased in the last 7 days, although the week as a whole is positive.

These three crypto-currencies have lost most of their value:

  • ChainLink: price decrease of 9.9%
  • Binance room: 4.4% decrease
  • Tezos: 3.8% price decrease

Going up and down in cryptography classes is endless

Especially regarding Bitcoin, the mother of all crypto-currencies, it becomes clear that we can not talk long of a constant development. Over the last 30 days, the gain is 2.4%. However, there were ups and downs during this period. In the meantime, for example, BTC was trading at over $ 12,000, returning shortly thereafter to the four-digit range. Anyway: it's still exciting. If you want to buy crypto-currencies, you can always find very good entry-level conditions. Although the gains in 2019 are still considerable. However, only a small minority has benefited because most people are not yet invested. This could change when the next euphoria breaks out.

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