Football: the rule of the hand continues to cause misunderstanding 2

Football: the rule of the hand continues to cause misunderstanding

Despite the clarifications and intensive training, the new rule of the hand always causes misunderstandings and confusion. Kinhöfer criticizes the different interpretations of hand games in offensive and defensive actions. Wagner, Schalke's coach, questions him.

Despite all the clarifications and intensive training of the participants, the general rule, even after the amendment of the Bundesliga, provokes discussion and misunderstanding.

Two controversial decisions in the match between FC Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich (0-3) left not only former FIFA referee Thorsten Kinhöfer "a bad feeling".

Schalke coach David Wagner has become clearer. "From my point of view, we would have received two penalties." To be honest, I look forward to this statement, "said the 47-year-old Saturday night. As an excuse for the bust at home, Wagner did not want to know his critics but understood. "That's why we did not lose the match."

"Here Schalke was unlucky," Kinhöfer writes in his article "Good king News am Sonntag" and admits: "There would also have been arguments in favor of a punishable handball. : There is an imbalance between attacking and defending handball – and that brings back endless discussions. "

When a hand game is punishable and when it is not, it is always the central question. And it remains at the discretion of the referee in the field, that he again looks at dubious scenes to reconsider his first spontaneous decision.

On the Schalke Bayern, defender Benjamin Pavard had a header from Matija Nastasic (58) with a flared arm. Five minutes later, Ivan Perisic scored a free kick by Daniel Caligiuri in the wall, pounding high into the wall. Both times there was no penalty.

Referee Marco Fritz from the basket saw the scenes despite consultation with the video assistant Bastian Dankert (Rostock) and not once again in the rehearsal on the sidelines. Fritz then is justified by the fact that he had not received the signal from Cologne that it was clearly a bad decision.

But this caused the discontent of the people concerned. Even the coach of Gladbacher, who has nothing to do, expressed in the "sports studio" of the ZDF Saturday night, his incomprehension: "If you do not go out at least and that we look again, I do not understand the meaning of the video referee, "said Borussia coach.

Lutz-Michael Fröhlich agreed with him on Sunday. "At the arm of Perisic going to the ball, to Pavard, I do not really see him this way, the power of persuasion and the external effect, but it's probably better if he took a picture," admitted the head of the DFB on the "double pass" program of Good king News. Schalke's sports director Jochen Schneider remained more sober than he was accusing: "The referee did not consider the two scenes to be as good as eleven meters – no signal came from Cologne. . "

The referee Sascha Stegemann was right in the match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim against Werder Bremen. Because Werder striker Niclas Füllkrug had touched the ball with his hand in front of his so-called second goal at 2: 2 in Sinsheim, Stegemann took over the kick-off at Cologne's request and their own image study television. "Okay – and in principle, it's a good thing," said Kinhöfer. "The new rule creates clear conditions, everyone knows what they are talking about."

Füllkrug at least did not know exactly. "The way the rules have been changed again, is still something that makes football even worse in my opinion.I can not understand.But according to the rules, this is not an objective," said L & R. Attacker of the Sky TV channel.