Theft of Bitcoin ATM in a mall 2

Theft of Bitcoin ATM in a mall

Two thieves are on the run after stealing a Bitcoin machine in an unusual way. The robbery occurred at a Lynnwood shopping center in the United States.

Fast approach of thieves

The two criminals were caught red-handed by the surveillance cameras at the mall. You can see how the two men enter with a cart. A few minutes later, you leave the building with the big Bitcoin machine on the cart. According to MSN's video material, the attackers loaded the machine into a moving truck and then left.

It took a week for the mall security department to see what had happened. Police Commissioner Jim Nelson said the authorities then turned to Coinme. Coinme is the operator of the Bitcoin machine. Coinme confirmed that the machine had been stolen and not taken for maintenance purposes.

The Finnish website Ilta Sanomat reported:

"How they made the machine, how fast they were without causing any malfunction or damage – they knew what they were doing, they did nothing to attract attention."

The authors still could not be caught. Their quick approach, however, suggests that they are familiar with such devices.

First flight of a bitcoin machine

Coinme then announced that it was the first stolen automaton. In addition, the company does not expect the device to be hacked by thieves. Thus, their prey will only represent the money that was in the machine at that time. The amount of this sum is not clear in the video.

Watch the video of the flight here.

Image via Unsplash