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Facilitating payment transactions

Through the partnership between the BitPay payment service provider and the web wallet service, simplify payments with Bitcoin in the future. offers the ability to create a portfolio while maintaining full control over private keys.

In addition to the simple chance of transferring Bitcoin and
receive, the portfolio has various features to offer. This includes the United States too
connecting to a broker to buy crypto-currencies.

Now, in the future, a cooperation with BitPay
insist and ensure that the payment service provider's invoices are easier
and can be paid faster with the wallet. This is also a
The optimization of the scanning process belongs.


Germans must wait

By 2020, wants BitPay no longer serves customers in Germany. This is an impact and feasibility study in light of the new regulatory approaches that will apply from January 2020.

If and when BitPay could come back, it's always perfect
open. Overall, the market for payment services with crypto-currencies
another delicate seedling. If we compare the absolute numbers, then becomes
quickly realized that it was still a niche.

It is all the more important not to lose BitPay. Germany
is an important commercial site that can absolutely contribute to growth.

Alternatives are available

Service providers such as BitPay offer resellers and businesses
a global solution to accept Bitcoin payments. That means
generally less effort for web developers and standard processes
for the customers.

At the same time, however, this service also costs its price and depends on the evolution of the political situation and the framework conditions created. BTCPay is a possible alternative.

It is a complete open source solution that can be integrated into professional environments. Businesses and individuals have the opportunity to manage payment processing themselves.