Eschenburg leader loses to Volpertshausen

Tekin Somon (left) against Eschenburger Tobias Claas and hangs with his colleagues from SV Volpertshausen in the end with a 4-2 home win at the previous one. Photo: Martin Weis

Tekin Somon (left) against Eschenburger Tobias Claas and hangs with his colleagues from SV Volpertshausen in the end with a 4-2 home win at the previous one. Photo: Martin Weis

WETZLAR – On the fourth day of the match at Fußball-Kreisoberliga West, RSV Büblingshausen advanced thanks to a 1-0 victory at Sechshelden in first place. From second place hosts SG Oberbiel.

SV Volpertshausen – SG Eschenburg 4: 2 (3: 1): After a short passage, Simon Reiprich brought the guests 12 minutes after a corner. However, with the back in the back, the leader lost the thread in the episode, which allowed Volpertshausen to cover himself with cold after a break in alcohol. On an untenable free kick, Jan Eric Flick equalized the match after half an hour. Just five minutes later, Christian Wagner turned the game and gave the ball into the Eschenburg net. Now clear with the top of the water has offered Platzherren more and more good opportunities. Ertugrul Gündüz hit Lucien Moreno Coca (45) with a half-time whistle at 3: 1 in the score of 30 minutes. In the middle of the second round, Dennis Dorndorf (71.) shortened for the Ligaprimus. But in return, the SVV was again in his turn: a deep pass from the SGE goalkeeper, Johannes Dietrich, splashed the only seconds playing Ivan Galinec (73) between them and pushed to 4: 2. In the final phase SVV striker Benedikt Heinz (85) complained about the yellow-red box in excess, Eschenburg, but was no longer approached.

arbitrator: Erlbeck (Karben) – spectators: 120th

FC Werdorf – SG Quembach / Oberwetz / Schwalbach 5: 1 (4: 1): After three defeats on the first day of the season, FC Werdorf have achieved the expected release. It did not look like the beginning, because after just three minutes Dorian Ruiz Perez put the guests in front. From this setback, the local team was not impressed. After a corner, Carsten Kling (19) nodded to equalize. Four minutes later, Niklas Schleifer (23) returned the match. Also in the episode, it was only in the direction of the guest goal, the 3: 1 Ken basket (35), which balanced the leather under the bar, was the consequence. FCW captain Tobias Grothe (43.) ensured even before the final whistle. After the break, Schleifer (52.) ensured the last point, even though the offensive department of Werdorf was still missing some chances.

arbitrator: Wagenbach (Weilburg) – spectators: 50th

SG Oberbiel – SG Reiskirchen / Niederwetz 5: 0 (1: 0): SG Oberbiel remains on the road to success and left the promotion in front of around 80 spectators without any luck. After 16 minutes Michael Hergert trained the goalkeeper with a left footed shot but the striker narrowly missed the lead after a great one-two, even after second. Instead, took over after the break of Dersin Demirtas (49th, 57th), his partner, by a double strikes again goal. Meanwhile, the fourth blow SGO returned to Hergert's cap (78.). After a goal from Florian Wolff, Özkan Günes (85.) was in the right place and pushed back to 5-0. Reiskirchen / Niederwetz came at the last minute for the first and only opportunity, but missed coach-player Simon Schmidt (90), winner of the consolation from the side of the elevator.

arbitrator: Goronzy (Marburg) – spectators: 80th

SSV Sechshelden – RSV Büblingshausen 0: 1 (0: 0): A lukewarm kick with summer temperatures was offered to a hundred spectators. And yet, the wacker of the home team is well behaved, especially in the first round to give good chances. Büblingshausen was therefore faced with a more than shameless opponent. Baris Cangiz has in particular attracted attention on Sechshelden several times. After 20 minutes of play, his deflected shooter, Sven Mainusch, kept his fingertips around the post. Shortly after, the goalkeeper also kept the upper hand on Chirom Buhl (32). After the break, Büblingshausen showed himself in the individual class: at the first opportunity of the match, the guests put a formidable corner, but the head of Andre Menk (54) was deflected several times. Sechshelden targeted the immediate counter-attack, but more than half of the chances did not materialize.

arbitrator: Angermaier (Bad Camberg) – spectators: 100

TuSpo Beilstein – SSV Frohnhausen 7: 0 (3: 0): The fourth defeat in the fourth match of the Oranians, which has conceded at least five hits in each game. The guests have long played with the home team, only the goals fell exclusively on Beilsteiner, arrived after eight minutes of Joe Buckard by the elegant Lupfer on the winning road. In return, the SSV attacker, Jan Luca Schaffner, failed the cross. Norman Schuster (22nd) and Malek Kaci (40th), who gave Amir Panah a free kick with the back of the head in goal, but was sure to be well placed before the pause. Immediately after the restart, Ewgenji Huwa (50.) climbed to 4-0, before Schuster (50., 60.) completed his treble. The guests finally went to their destiny. Max Freimüller again hit the crossbar for Beilstein and Panah (88) scored the seventh goal.

arbitrator: Pfeifer (Dietzholz valley) – spectators: 100

TuS Naunheim – SC Muenchholzhausen / Dutenhofen 3: 2 (1: 0): 15 minutes after Denis Walter's penalty, Naunheim was in the lead early in the game, but the visitors had a better chance of making progress in the first half. TuS goalkeeper Robert Dill maintained the zero, but was secured, among other things, prevented three times in a few brilliant seconds (38.). Markus Schreiber (45), striker of "Mü / Du", also showed his acrobatic skills, but unfortunately without success. After the break, the SC rewarded, Kheireddine Beloufa (66) equalized after a little over an hour. Only then did the national team do their best better: Walter first forgot the loner, ahead of Johannes Eckstein (78) and Jan Schwarz (82). , by a double shot at 3: 1. That was not enough, Waldemar Koch (83.) Rebel the match. Schreiber had two more chances in stoppage time, but the ball sailed just above the surface, the outside net then sank.

arbitrator: Möbus (Roßdorf) – spectators: 60th