Craig Wright must hand over half in the Kleiman case 2

Craig Wright must hand over half in the Kleiman case

Yesterday, South Florida District Court Judge Bruce Reinhart recommended that half of Bitcoins hired by Craig Wright by 2014 go alongside Kleinman, in addition to half of intellectual property.

You can read the history in this article:

History of the Kleiman case

Prior to 2014, according to his own information about the deceased, Wright was expected to reach Dave Kleiman's 1.1 million Bitcoins Gememinet (current value of about 10.15 billion euros) and transfer to a trust fund. The brother and one of Dave Kleiman's legitimate heirs, Ira Kleiman, filed a lawsuit against Wright in 2018 for 550,000 Bitcoins for wanting to claim all the Bitcoins held by this so-called Tulip Trust. On January 1, 2020, Wright is expected to return to the fund.

During the one-year conflict, it became clear that Wright was falsifying documents and lying to claim Kleiman's rights over 550,000 Bitcoins. The coins belonged legally to W & K Info Defense Research, a company created at the time of Bitcoins.

The judge reiterated that Wright acted with malicious and fraudulent intent. Falsification of documents in court has been confirmed, which constitutes an additional offense.

The judge did not judge whether Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto or not. Court behavior should raise doubts.

Fear of the collapse of Bitcoin prices reverse

Ira Kleiman is entitled to 5.5 billion euros after the trial. It is assumed that if he received them in Bitcoin, he would sell them immediately.

However, it is highly doubtful that Wright has bitcoin at all, as he is widely regarded as a large-scale fraudster and there are many irregularities in the evidence. Wright could z. B. make no statement about the addresses of these bitcoins. We will have no definitive certainty until January 1, 2020.

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Craig Wright must hand over half in the Kleiman case 3

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