Queen Elizabeth: the mystery of pregnancy revealed | Good king News 2

Queen Elizabeth: the mystery of pregnancy revealed | Good king News

When the royal house receives a new member, the world is delighted: the royalty waiting for offspring delight the world. But of all people Queen Elizabeth II has a pregnancy secretwhich has been strictly protected.

Because although Meghan and Kate are regularly photographed with baby bumps, the pregnancies have changed with today's queen: Elizabeth, there are simply no pictures with baby bumps!

The birth of Charles took place secretly

Hard to imagine that a Royal is in anticipation and does not watch the whole world. But that's what happened when Prince Charles was born in 1948. The British media are currently reviewing how pregnancy and birth took place at that time – namely, top secret!

Today we know of happy messages from the royal family announcing that a princess is expecting a baby. In 1948, when Princess Elizabeth was in anticipation, it was only succinctly said: "Her Royal Highness, Princess Elizabeth will be from the end of June. more public appointments perceive. "- not a word of pregnancy and anticipation!

Five-month retreat

Elizabeth retired for five months, she has never played publicly with a baby humpAnd there was no baby picture right after birth: while Meghan and Harry appeared in front of the photographers just two days after the birth of Baby Archie, Elizabeth was barely photographed with Charles just a month later. on the occasion of his baptism. Also since the birth of Princess Anne in 1950, Prince Andrew in 1960 and Prince Edward in 1964, the public had almost nothing.

Lady Diana broke the tradition

It was only at the birth of Prince William in 1982 that the way the public could participate in royal births was confused: Lady Diana became the first member of the royal family, at the hospital to give birth – all the royal babies were already born in Buckingham Palace (or the evasive Clarence House).

Since then, we have had the habit of giving birth to royal babies in public and soon after their birth. presented to fans be. Kate and Meghan are natural these days even more under observation – Thanks to social media. His pregnancies were under permanent observation and we also like to see the latest pictures of babies again and again. Would the queen have anticipated this development in 1948 …?