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100 years of VfB Lübeck: the tradition of football in Lohmühle | Good king News – Sports

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by Utz Rehbein, Good king News

If a club with a Vita, such as VfB Lübeck, had missed the anniversary year, the rise to the third division, the festivities are a little more modest. Since his last appearance in the Second Bundesliga in 2004, the club has been playing on the radar of German football's opinion – well below its value. It was the football department that had been running the club for decades. Perhaps the Bundesliga table tennis teams with stars like Olga Nemes and Peter Franz in the 90s could temporarily maintain their popularity. However, the headlines have too often not produced the striking staff, but the main department. In the early 1970s, VfB was bankrupt and bankrupt in 2010 and 2013.

On the sporting side, the inhabitants of Lübeck have had their highs and lows since their founding after the Second World War. Already in 1950, the team had to accept the first relegation of the league, a first work accident corrected two years later. When in 1954, relegation was not enough, the VfB finally lost the reputation of a "crew of elevators".

Turbulence in the 1950s

Another climb failed because of a change of club: "Hansi" Kubsch returned in 1954 from SC Concordia to VfB, but had not yet paid any membership fees to the Wandsbekern. The football federation declared Kubsch's release void and removed the VfB from four points in the promotion round – it should have reached 37.50 mark.



Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

Schleswig-Holstein Magazine

In the hundred years of VfB, Lübeck has had many ups and downs. For the birthday, the VfB wants to present itself with the rise in 3rd division.
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A good year earlier, in January 1952, another scandal: the Vereinschronik recorded for the first time spectators at the Lohmühle – a warning sign of the problems that the police of Lübeck since the 2000s have again and again with a trailer a banner called "Ultra Collective".

The VfB – even then a strong piece of Lübeck, but also always good for a loud song. After all, in all the hectic years, there was a constant, goalkeeper Albert Felgenhauer, reserved for fans of "Jonny". The pronounced tablecloth had already competed in the first team before the end of the war, he gave his best to more than 900 games later, in 1962, again in a promotional round match. He had become goalkeeper because he had to spare his shoes as a child, the native of Harburg gave decades later the best. The first post-war games that he had denied in socks.

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