Advertisement France 3 "Murmurs": Peru 2

Advertisement France 3 "Murmurs": Peru

The Mikros image worked on the new Ident France 3 product, which was produced and produced by Dream On. Mikros Image takes care of creating murals in 3D and integrating them into plans that are portrayed in four corners of France, wishing a very beautiful summer in France 3. A summer campaign that rejects seven films around a group of musical murmurs who are able to combine the most rock chords with the wind blows of the pan flute.
Watch a video of the Peruvian version at the edge of a mountain lake!

Advertiser Client: France Télévisions
Office: Dream On
Director: Ivan Grangeon

Image of Mikros team
Director of Advertising Production: Fabrice Damolini
Post-production: Lionel Juglair
Director of vfx studio: Benoît Holl
VFX Producer: Charlotte Brisebarre
VFX Director: Guillaume Ho
Modeling: Thomas Haas Remi Bachmann, Medhi Rami
Composition: Alex Sauthier, Enis Kaya
Turquoise: Romain Carlier, Soline Bejuy
Track: Emmanuel Denis
Animation: Anne Chatelain, Nicolas Cazaux, Teva Girard, Augustin Pailard
Shadows: William Ho, William Dadaglio, Quentin Dachy
Lighting, Précomp: William Ho, William Dadaglio, Mathias Barday
Combination: Laurent Launes
Return: Marielle Santens
Calibration: Nicolas Guibert
After Effects: Julien Pinot
Team Laboratory Band: Vanessa Jaquet, Gilles Boivin, Antoine Salvi, Aurélien Klintzig, Jérémy Beaulieu, Mathieu Cavillon