Bitcoin Extortion: Big accusations of pedophilia are a scam 2

Bitcoin Extortion: Big accusations of pedophilia are a scam

You must absolutely ignore these emails

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A particularly irreverent scandal is currently shocking many e-mail recipients. For example, the Consumer Center reports that criminals are accusing you of pedophilia and threatening to post images from your webcam and browser history. So try the singers, get 5,000 euros in the form of bitcoins.

If such mail has landed in your mailbox, you must skip it urgently.

If such mail has landed in your mailbox, you must skip it urgently. (Source:


  1. Follow me to scare you

  2. And if you have already transferred money to singers masters?

  3. New network fraud warnings – cybercriminals are a long way ahead

If you receive an e-mail in the mailbox with the words "I know you're a pedophile …", you're sure to look twice. What first reads as a bad joke becomes more and more scary as you keep reading. In the mail, the unknown sender threatens to point you to incriminating elements in the font:

Excerpts from extorted mail
Yes. I know you're a pedophile.
In fact, I know a lot more about you than you think.
I am a computer specialist (Internet security specialist) and a member of the Anonymous group.
You downloaded an application a few months ago.
This application has been intentionally implemented with a special code.
Since you installed it, your device behaves like a remote desktop that I could access at any time.
With the program, I could access your desktop, your camera, your files, your passwords and your contact lists. I also know where you live and where you work.
I've been watching you for a while and what you've collected here is overwhelming you.
I know his sexual preferences and his interest in young bodies.
I have saved 4 video files that clearly show how to masturbate (taken by your camera) with young teenagers (taken with their internet browser). Stuck together is overwhelming evidence that you are a pedophile.
Timestamps in video files indicate the exact time that you have masturbated teens: File names with .mp4 extension
I am not here to judge the morality of your sexual preferences, I am here to make money. Because I know you are a rich person and your reputation is important to me, I am willing to give you the opportunity to pay a fine.
You know what Bitcoin is, right?
You will have to send me $ 5,000 in bitcoins to my special address. If not, I will send these video files to family members, friends and colleagues.
I know it can take a long time to buy Bitcoin for a value of 5,000 euros, so I give you exactly one week. Search Google for "How to buy Bitcoin?" And send it to me.
Enough is enough. I've seen enough ..
If you do not send bitcoins here a week, I will also send these video clips to the police department in your area. Your life will be ruined, believe me. Reference details can be found below.
————————————————– —————–
Send exactly:
0.5514397 BTC
to my Bitcoin address: Bitcoin address
Once you have sent the bitcoins, I will delete the videos from my player, as well as the software to access your device.
If you do not cooperate, I will send these videos to people who matter to you.
Not excluded that after sending to a person, I will ask 10x more of you. I can hurt you, believe me.
Do not even think about going to the police. If you get it, I will know it right away and I will send you your masturbation videos, pedo.
5,000 euros are a good price for my silence, do not you think?
You have a week and act faster.
Do not reply to this email. It's an incomprehensible message.
Remember, I'm watching you.

In the extorted email sent hundreds of times to the service of consumers, the sender claims to know the exact content of your PC. He then filmed you masturbating and can associate these images with child pornography, so as to inform the police and send the incriminating material to family and friends. This could only be stopped if you transfer 5,000 euros in the form of bitcoins to singers.

You probably have never considered such content on your computer, but the allegations contained in the e-mail are disturbing. Fearing that anyone created heavy incriminating documents about him, those involved could quickly find ways to lend money to criminals. If you ignore e-mail for the moment, join soon after another message from the singers masters.

Blackmail on bitcoins: follow, it's to scare you

If you have acted correctly in this case and have sent the email to the police or if you have ignored it, you will soon see another email in your mailbox. His subject is "What are you doing, pedophile?":

Wake up, name
Do you really think it was a joke or that you can ignore me?
I can see what you're doing, Pedo.
STOP SHOPPING and Fuck, your time is almost up.
Yes, I know what you did on Saturday. I'm looking at you
By the way, nice car, you're there. I wonder what it will look like with big pedophile stickers ..
Because you think you are smarter and you can ignore me, I publish the 4 videos that I took with you and that are currently masturbating for the children. I will download the videos that I have purchased on the online forum with some of your data. I'm sure they'll love seeing you in action and you'll soon discover what we do to pedophiles like you.
[… ein weiterer Aufruf zur Bitcoin-Zahlung inklusive Adresse …]
If you want to save yourself, hurry, because you are now *****. We will not leave you alone and there are many people in the groups that really make your life difficult, you peddler.

The situation actually seems to be critical and the wording of the singers becomes rougher and more aggressive. Again, you should not let it bother you, even if the supposedly real videos have already been posted on a forum, according to the singers. Trust that the allegations are all invented.

Because the perfidious mail has the typical characteristics of a phishing mail, even though this example is particularly tasteless and tasteless. In most cases, phishing is the seizure of personal information, not blackmail.

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Bitcoin Extortion: Big accusations of pedophilia are a scam 3 Bitcoin Extortion: Big accusations of pedophilia are a scam 4 Bitcoin Extortion: Big accusations of pedophilia are a scam 5 Watch now

If you read both e-mail texts well, you will find many grammatical errors and sentence positions, more likely to be found in English. The news may have been translated with a translation program. If you also use current antivirus, you are protected against spyware and other malware.

Bitcoin blackmail: And if you have already transferred money to the singers masters?

If you have already transferred money via Bitcoin Cryptocurrency to Master Singers, you must not make any other payments. Contact the support of the platform with which you sent the money and request a return transfer.

If this is not possible, your money is unfortunately difficult to recover. Because Bitcoin currency is deliberately used for extortion or for attacks with Ransomware because of their anonymity. A tracking of the recipient is not possible via the address.

New network fraud warnings – cybercriminals are a long way ahead

But phishing e-mails are not the only hidden danger on the Internet. In addition to scams, there are all kinds of viruses, Trojans and malware that can infect your computer. Unfortunately, data scandals are also part of everyday digital life. Below you will find the five latest articles on "fraud warnings":

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