Bitcoin: Investor fear sinks - the situation on Wednesday 2

Bitcoin: Investor fear sinks – the situation on Wednesday

As the price of bitcoin continues to exceed the $ 10,000 mark, investor sentiment remains frightened. At least the fear and greed index indicates:

Index of fear and greed on crypto


Bitcoin Price and Index Fear and Greed

However, the index, which reflects the general sentiment of investors in the cryptography market, also shows that this sentiment has improved compared to last week. Because, even though she was still on "extreme fear" (11) on August 22, the Fear & Greed 's index is currently only 30 – atmospheres. has improved a bit like the price of Bitcoin. By comparing historical data, a buy signal could be derived. According to the motto "Buy when thunder weapons, sell when violins play", the fear of investors indicates that the price of Bitcoin could increase in the future. The ecosystem, which is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is also positive.

Blockchain technology goes around

The technological framework of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, is spreading more and more in society. For example, the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, will receive an identity system on the chain of channels. The city relies on decentralized technology to manage digital identities. The project is initially planned for four years and promises social benefits. To this end, it serves the inclusion of the poorest and most disadvantaged citizens. The Australian stock market also proceeds with the decentralized reversal.

On a completely different level, technology is spreading too. In the future, the US Air Force will rely on technology to track and monitor repairs "in the field". Although US President Donald Trump of Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies is anything but enthusiastic. However, he can no longer manage basic technology. However, the adaptation of Blockchain in the war zones to greater joy is now left open.

Bitcoin reaches new peak values

According to the crypto-analysis site, number one cryptocurrency reached a new record on 25 August. The company has developed the concept of "realized market capitalization", giving it a more accurate value than the current market capitalization. Thus, the realized market capitalization is calculated from the last negotiated bitcoin price and the amount of coins actually exchanged. According to this information, the BTC has reached record levels and crossed for the first time the threshold of 100 billion US dollars.

money from the Crypto Central Bank

According to Mark Carney, the US dollar may soon face competition as the world's main currency. Because the head of the British central bank sees the time of digital currency. Carney told Bloomberg:

The combination of increased economic insecurity, open protectionism and fears that new negative shocks can not be adequately compensated for by a limited margin of action exacerbates the disinflationary bias of the economy. 39, world economy. What should be done then?

The solution seems obvious: a global digital currency as an alternative. It is more than unlikely that this feature will take over Bitcoin. Nevertheless, digital currencies are growing in public perception.

Bitcoin, Libra and Switzerland

At the same time, the Swiss Financial Markets Authority has given the go-ahead to two blockchain companies. In a public announcement, the authority notably announced its future regulatory guidelines for Bitcoin & Co. Therefore, the legislation in force also applies to encrypted trading platforms. With regard to money laundering, Switzerland intends to continue to apply existing laws.

A legal basis for dealing with crypto-currencies needs the future of the Alpine country with certainty. Notably because Facebook's cryptocurrency project is located on the Swiss train. Here, it is always important to eliminate regulatory problems.

And the bitcoin course?

It remains to be seen if the price of Bitcoin holds or not the current resistance. However, a look at the ecosystem shows that fear is unfounded.