Bitpanda: BEST chips in crisis 2

Bitpanda: BEST chips in crisis

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44 million euros from IEO

After a successful and millionaire IEO, the BEST token did not convince. From the beginning, the price was so high that management was invited to comment.

True, the effect is the "candle list" in the crypto scene
Nevertheless, BEST lost a lot of value and had difficulty getting
to recover.

The idea behind BEST was more than plausible. model
for the pledge was the Binance Coin and the Binance Ecosystem. But this
could not be linked to the great success of the competitor and the
The reasons are obvious.


Low market and big promises

Looking at Bitpanda's youngest competitor, the
also offers Fiat trading against cryptocurrencies, then
that hardly succeeds. So, Binance Jersey has an extremely low
Volume. And this despite a good reputation and public relations

Therefore, it is not surprising that Bitpanda has difficulties with its "Global Exchange". The market just does not seem to generate stronger growth. At the same time, however, the BEST token incentive is based on the buy-and-burn program.

Therefore, the redemption of chips is planned by Bitpanda.
These must then be destroyed to tighten the token. But with
low volume, even low income and so goes this plan
not to the extent that many investors have wished.

Moreover, not only was success lacking, the market is also illiquid.
For example, some investors could not sell their best chips,
because there was no interest in buying enough in the market.

Many investors are disappointed or angry

Reactions to social media were overwhelming. Although the tone is usually a bit rougher online, many users have found more than just words to express their dissatisfaction.

This raises the question of whether many are not just that
have been looking for quick money and must now understand that it is now
not easy to win. After all, Bitpanda has everything
The products delivered what they promised.

The company can and will continue to work on this success,
but that does not happen overnight. This should be with everyone
Consider the disappointment.