Black cumin oil protects humans and dogs from ticks 2

Black cumin oil protects humans and dogs from ticks

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Black cumin oil protects humans and dogs from ticks

A few drops of black cumin oil naturally protect humans and dogs from ticks. A high school graduate discovered this a while ago and even received a prize for it at "Jugend forscht".

Regensburg (Germany). Anyone who likes to go for walks or longer hikes in the wild but all dog owners know the procedure: At home, all exposed body parts should be searched for ticks. If this bothers you, you can rely on chemical tick protection for years. However, this is of course not the first choice for most people. Thanks to a happy coincidence, we now know that black cumin oil also protects ticks – naturally and without any chemicals.

In naturopathy, the positive effect of black cumin oil has long been known and even ancient Egyptians used it around 4,000 years ago to cure or prevent it. On the other hand, it is mainly used today as (supportive) treatment

  • various allergies
  • eczema
  • and rheumatism

used. All Black Cumin Particular action information can also be quickly searched on the internet. However, the approach of the allergy treatment prompted Alexander Betz, a Regensburg high school graduate, to mix black cumin oil into his dog's diet in order to treat his allergies without expensive drugs . As it turned out: a lawsuit with consequences …

Natural protection against ticks for dogs

After improving his dog's allergies, Alexander Betz noticed that his dog, Filou, had not had ticks for a long time. Instead of considering it a happy coincidence, he continued his investigation and suspected the cause of the previously administered black cumin oil.

To confirm his theory of natural protection against ticks by oil, he built a Y-shaped test vessel. He put blood or sweat at both ends of the crotch. He also mixed a sample with a small amount of black cumin oil. In all repeated tests, ticks, which can transmit even dangerous diseases, avoided samples treated with oil and still opted for blood or sweat samples without black cumin oil. Evidence that versatile black cumin oil helps ticks has even earned him a prize at "Jugend forscht".