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Football, Regionalliga West: More trouble at SG Wattenscheid 09 – Football – Sport

The regional football league SG Wattenscheid 09 does not stop. According to the club's information, a health insurance company has filed a petition to open insolvency proceedings. Sports Director Peter Neururer has also retired. "I know it's not there yet, but I want to take it out"confirmed on Wednesday (28.08.2019) the member of the supervisory board of Wattenscheids, Josef Schnusenberg.

Bankruptcy proceedings recently avoided

The traditional club and the former Bundesliga club had been fighting for years against financial problems and had avoided insolvency proceedings only this summer. During the summer break, however, the chairman of the supervisory board and main sponsor, Oguzhan Can, resigned.

According to the media, the fourth division is again behind schedule in terms of wages. A little more than five months after becoming sports director, Peter Neururer seems to get tired of his club and is retiring. "It's the biggest disappointment, the biggest mistake of my life", the former Bundesliga coach has scolded in the interview with "Reviersports" (Wednesday). "The construction is based on lies."

Neururer: "I can not meet the players in the eyes"

Himself could be players and coaches "do not look in the eyes anymore": "What should I say to the boys, they win the first game of the season and then there is no more money, so I lose my credibility, it is simply no longer possible."

By his own account, the 64 years old for the last SG "attractive offers" rejected from abroad and one from the Bundesliga. "I really wanted to build and move something here in Wattenscheid, but you just can not work here, it's just not possible."Neururer said.

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