Football: SV Wiesbaden asked

Hard to brake: dribble Nigel beer SVW. Archive photo: rscp

Hard to brake: dribble Nigel beer SVW.
Archive photo: rscp

WIESBADEN – (nn). From Kreisoberliga to Fußball-Gruppeliga, a gigantic jump for most climbers. With exceptions. In the last round, the Spvgg Eltville entered directly into the league of associations and, during the current season, the SG Walluf is sent with a well-repeated team and selectively reinforced to mix on forehead.

Hohoff injured: ex-pro Alf Mintzel, but also the other entries Jonas Dalbert, Tobias Bellin and goalkeeper Marc Beautiful have again modernized the structure of SGW. The only negative point: goalkeeper Martin Hohoff suffered a metatarsal fracture at training, but with Beautiful, the replacement is strong. Mitaufsteiger SV Hallgarten experimented with the contrast program. Without blood and with a relatively narrow team, the team remained flawless in six games, losing the first leg against Walluf 1:10. As a result, the roles for the return match on Thursday (19:30) seem clearly divided. The focus is also on the parallel duel SV Niedernhausen against TSG Wörsdorf.

Sari coaches: Already Wednesday (19:30), SV Wiesbaden, promoted by Wiesbadener, against SG Niedershausen / Obershausen is given a mission not only to eradicate the recent debacle of the first leg at 1: 6, but also to remove the second trio. "Now it's time to get points, and in the club no one really wants to go back to the county league – in the long run we should be able to leave the five relegation places behind us," said club director Markus Walter. Sporting Director Yildirim Sari is assisting coach Daniel Löbelt, head coach for a long time.

During the warm-up, the performer Nigel Bier will check if he can run despite the abdominal muscle tension. The former sponsor of the jersey is no longer present, its short-term exit rips a budget deficit. "But it is not threatening, we are able to dampen that," explains Walter, agreeably: the building permit for the planned construction of a multifunctional building in the artificial turf area of ​​Schön- Sportpark is available.

Derbys am Niederfeld and Rheinhöhe: In Wiesbaden there are two derbies from Platznachbarn: In the league match, the Turkish SV against FC Freudenberg (Wednesday at 19.30), in the yellow-blue A-League and the VfR measure the strengths ( Wednesday, 7:30 pm).