Kanye West: In this nasty case, it attracts Kim Kardashian - Berlin 2

Kanye West: In this nasty case, it attracts Kim Kardashian – Berlin


Kim Kardashian is interviewed for Arab Vogue – by her husband, Kanye West!

Rapper Kanye West is known for his songs, his shoes, his scandals or even his wife. But now, the 42-year-old is venturing into a new territory: the publisher. Kanye is now trying to become a journalist for "Vogue Arabia" and has a very special interviewer for his debut: his wife Kim Kardashian. Anyone who thinks now that he will of course touch his own wife with kid gloves, is severely cut off. The rapper asks Kim Kardashian some very nasty questions during the interview – questions that Kim would probably not have answered in another interviewer.

Kanye West: Who's Kim Kardashian's darling?

One of Kanye West's really nasty questions was: what is your favorite sister? But Kim solved the issue very diplomatically and without hurting a member of her family. The mother of four said that she had close friendships with Khloé and Kourtney because they were much older than Kendall and Kylie. She just spent more time with her older siblings and did more experiments. Of course, as the influencer emphasized, she loves all her brothers and sisters very much. Kim, her husband Kanye, also questioned Kim about his attitude to fame and fortune. She responded openly: "The goal was always money, but I was obsessed with glory" Otherwise, we do not live the reality TV star in such a talkative atmosphere. Looks like Kanye West did a really good job as a publisher. More will soon be available in "Vogue Arabia".

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