LASK can write the history of football today in Bruges 2

LASK can write the history of football today in Bruges

Austrian football has been represented only once in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League in the last 14 years (Austria Wien, 2015, note). The LASK wants to end this negative series today with a win at the Jan Breydel Stadium (9 pm) against Club Brugge – and thus write the history of Upper Austria football. The way would then be free to collect 15 million euros of entry fees and play with Losglück at Real Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona.

Yesterday, when leaving the charter plane of 140 passengers from Linz-Hörsching airport, everyone at LASK is firmly convinced that the 1-0 deficit of the first leg is overtaken today. . "We have to be on the defensive as well as in the first leg and exploit our chances in a more offensive way and we have to be patient – even a winning goal in the 85th minute is enough," said Jürgen Werner, vice president. of the LASK.

Internally, everything is focused on the Champions League. Just after the team's return (Thursday at 3:30 am, remark), the European Cup manager, Harry Gartler, will travel to Vienna to take off for Monaco, where the group stage of the League of champions will be drawn in the evening.

Per OÖN Ticker live

Since the ORF has no rights to the matches of the UEFA Champions League, Brugge's current match against LASK does not appear in the free television programs. However, you can live with the ticker live on We will start with the latest news about the game in the afternoon, the game itself will be launched at 21 hours.


Little space in the LASK cabin.

Picture: haba

Obsolete stadium

In the Jan Breydel stadium, the mail will leave today. The arena itself has really seen better days and exudes a rather oriental charm. The only parallel to the Pasching LASK stadium: in Bruges, you can also see the stadium from the outdoor pool. The atmosphere is not a problem for LASK players. "I already got up here with Hannover 96, I played with the GAK in Liverpool, nothing can shake you up," said veteran Emanuel Pogatetz. Coach Valérien Ismaël also recalled his most formative experience: "To strike with Strasbourg at Inter Milan during the time of Ronaldo and the atmosphere will overwhelm you."

Applause for Alexander Schlager

A thunderous applause took place as LASK press officer Georg Hochedlinger announced via an onboard microphone the summoning of Alexander Schlager within the ÖFB national team. Schlager could not therefore stop smiling at Hörsching Airport. "The director of the team, Franco Foda, called me and informed me, we never expected it, but it's a huge recognition and encouragement for aujourd & # 39; hui ". An incentive to write the history of football in Upper Austria.

The pay TV channel Sky Sport Austria broadcasts the match live today. The transmission starts at 8:30 pm, the role of the expert takes Walter Kogler. You can also see the game on Sky's streaming service (, 24.99 euros per month, cancellable every month). Sky Sport News reports that the draw for the Champions League will take place on Thursday from 5:30 pm, in plain language (Livestream on

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