OBIT | Theater Trailer Exclusive 2

OBIT | Theater Trailer Exclusive

On the layered walls of the New York Times, a group of writers have been tasked with reflecting on the lives of today's lighters, icons and world leaders. Often hours before a newspaper hits the door – and the eyes of the world eat the words that signify the end of a significant life – endless detail is collected and impossible choices have to be made. Vanessa Gould's fascinating documentary, Obit, introduces us to invisible women and men who are responsible for the compilation of NOW's memoirs. As we go through their arduous process of digging through years of accomplishments, we learn about the special pressures associated with a career spent trying to shape the lives of millions of people in an elegant and respectful way. From famous politicians and beloved musicians to unknown personalities who have advanced into the worlds of science, literature, and sport, obit writers are in a unique and often unenviable position to illuminate individuals whose impact and impact are almost impossible to measure.

—Liza Domnitz

About Tribeca Film Festival
Premiere: The World
Cast & Credits
Director: Vanessa Gould
Producer: Caitlin Mae Burke, Vanessa Gould
Editor: Kristin Bye
Associate Producer: Josh Wick
Operator: Ben Wolf
Main Producer: Pamela Tanner Boll, Geralyn Dreyfous
Composer: Joel Goodman
Consulting Producer: Kenn Rabin
Actors: Bruce Weber, William McDonald, Margalit Fox, Jeff Roth, William Grimes, Jack Kadden, Daniel Slotnik, Paul Vitello, Douglas Martin

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About the leader
Vanessa Gould is a filmmaker, editor and camera operator in Brooklyn. Her first film, Between the Folds, premiered on PBS as an independent lens and is still broadcast in numerous languages ​​around the world. It was awarded the Peabody Prize in 2010. The death of one subject led to Obit.