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Protests and petitions against parliamentary resolutions – Hü

28.8.2019 18:42 pm

Just hours after the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II by Parliament, at the request of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, protests were held across the UK. A petition from the parliamentary side asking for the non-closure of the Parliament allowed to decipher the 500,000 signatures in a few hours.

The petition site of the British government can use this petition as a reason for debate as soon as the 100,000 signature mark is reached.

Events in all major cities

For many, the closure of Parliament from one month to mid-October is an attempt to coup d'etat. For them, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to impose his Brexit without agreement at the end of October without allowing any other solution to Parliament. Social media are calling for demonstrations against the closure of parliament, including London, Manchester, Yorkshire, Birmingham, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

Nicola Sturgeon: "A dark day for democracy"

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon presents himself to the BBC, outraged by Boris Johnson's story: "To end Parliament, a Brexit without agreement […] do not get the approval of MEPs is not democracy. It's a dictatorship. If the MPs do not meet next week and do not stop Boris Johnson, that day could go down in history as the day when democracy is dead. "

In social networks, however, you go even further. We talk about the fact that Johnson with a "Move" democracy and the monarchy temporarily abolished. Monarchy, however, only indirectly, because the "go" for the parliamentary break you take the queen in much of the country very badly.