Ripple or Bitcoin Cash: Which Altcoin is the best investment? 2

Ripple or Bitcoin Cash: Which Altcoin is the best investment?

Ripple currently ranks third in the cryptographic coinage rankings: with a market capitalization of about $ 11.5 billion, the cushion on Bitcoin Cash is in fourth place. BCH is worth about $ 5.5 billion. But do these power relations reflect the trend for 2018/2019? The price analysis shows whether investors have been more fortunate to buy rounds or buy bitcoin.

L & # 39; s momentum

Looking at the short period of the last seven trading days, the price of Ripple dropped by about 5.5% to just under $ 0.027. Bitcoin Cash's share price fell nearly 6.5% to just under $ 305 over the same period. As a result, the price of Ripple action is lower. 1: 0 for annuity investors.

The 30-day analysis

In one month of examination, the BCH price rose from just under one percent, rising from just over $ 302 on July 28th. Leading investors face a price decrease of almost 14% over the same period. 1: 1 between Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

The semi-annual analysis

On February 26 of this year, the price was still rising to just over $ 0.31. Since then, it has fallen by almost 15% so far. The spot price of Bitcoins increased by almost 134% during this period from $ 130 billion six months ago. 2: 1 for BCH investors.

The 365 days analysis

Over the past 12 months, the purchase price has declined by more than 20%, rising from just under $ 0.34 at the end of August 2018. Bitcoin Cash has fell by almost 45% against just over $ 550 during this period. 2: 2 undecided

The conclusion

Whether Ripple or Bitcoin Cash is the best investment in 2018/2019, depends entirely on the point of entry. However, the analysis shows only the annual change and says nothing about future investment opportunities.

The prices shown in the article are based on CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency graphs at the time of publication of the article.,


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