So ran on Wednesday night in the Frankfurt West Group Football League 2

So ran on Wednesday night in the Frankfurt West Group Football League

In the football group league, Wednesday, two derbies are planned. One with a surprising result, one with a subsequent decision.

At the last minute, Turkish SV Bad Nauheim prevented the next setback. FC Olympia Fauerbach, club of last division, registered a delay of 0: 2 on the Primus of the League of football groups of Frankfurt. SKV Beienheim was once again on a defeat to follow a win. After the 4: 6 against FC Karben won the Spisla-Eleven against FC-TSG Königstein 4: 2. Karben defeated SV Gronau in the promoted derby 0: 3. SC Dortelweil gave Spvgg. Oberrad the win at the last minute of the hand.

Turkey SV Bad Nauheim – FC Olympia Fauerbach 3: 2 (0: 2): In an already very important game in the first half and dominated by the Bad Nauheim match, the 200 spectators saw Fauerbach's defensive guests at the half-time surprise by the attack. "We conceded that two stupid Kontertore Fauerbach took more than 90 minutes late only," said TSV sports director Deniz Can. Cristian-Vasile Bodea gave the Olympiques a 2-0 lead before Salih Yasaroglu shortened the time to stop the game in the first minute. After the break, the game is gradually transformed into an open exchange, in which the local team finally won. The former Ugur Albayrak was responsible for the equalizer in the middle of the second period. In the final phase, Noah Pölitz was the big protagonist. He first scored the winning goal and then drove the Bad Nauheimer with the yellow-red card of the place. More numerous than the TSV won with time. "" Congratulations to my boys. Can can once again prove his abilities, "noted Can, while the TSV had 15 points at the top of the standings and the FCO at the bottom of the table after Gronau's victory at Karben – Spectators: 200. – Goals: 0: 1 , 0: 2 (24./43.) Cristian-Vasile Bodea, 1: 2 (45./+1, penalty) Salih Yasaroglu, 2: 2 (64.) Ugur Albayrak, 3: 2 (81.) Noah Pölitz – Yellow-red: Pölitz (86.).

05 Oberrad – SC Dortelweil 2: 2 (0: 2): In an exciting match with a lot of mistakes and many chances, the Dortelweil on Beckerwiese 's artificial grass field could be better used. Hendrik Schleibinger and Kevin Cholewa earned a deserved 2-0 lead at half-time for the Wetterauer. Frankfurt brought together in the second part with Todi Vasilev and Timo Becker two experienced players in Hessenliga, which proved to be a flywheel of the offensive. Defender trained Becker learned that the defender had been shortened to 1: 2. Then Oberrad received a questionable penalty, Kaan Köksal put on the crossbar. In the extra time flew only Dortelweils Schleibinger with yellow-red from the place, then succeeded Becker always compensation for Oberrad. "We are happy to have taken the point with us and with a little luck we win," said Oberrads Sports Director Mario Di Falco. Dortelweils Hans Wrage said: "The draw is deserved after two completely different halves." At Kurzsteno / referee: Fabien Mink (Bensheim). – Spectators: 130. – Goals: 0: 1 (18th) Hendrik Schleibinger, 0: 2 (43.) Kevin Cholewa, 1: 2, 2: 2 (70./90.+4) Timo Becker. – Yellow-red: Schleibinger (90./+3).

SKV Beienheim – FC-TSG Koenigstein 4: 2 (1: 0): Beienheimer, the host, clearly determined the course of events in the first period. However, as Leon Hirzmann and Mike Michalak had not released Fabio Milicia (21/44), Koenigstein's goalkeeper, it was only a goal for SKV until halftime Michalak found himself the 14th minute after the pass from the playmaker Paradzik. The hosts opened the scoring with an Ante Paradzik penalty to raise the score to 2-0, when FC defender Jun Sub Byun gave a break in the 55th minute to Leon Hirzmann. Kaito Shimodo's SKV-Schlusemann Kitler was awarded a penalty kick 81 minutes into the game, but he had to let the game become a goal for Aaron Michael Schluenz was now up 2-1. The final phase belonged to the Spisla troupe: Fatih Uslu (solo) and Paradzik made perfect the third home victory of Beierenheim. Königstein made the defeat a little more bearable with the second goal. In Kurzsteno / referee: Mark-Oliver Ney (Bierstadt). – Red card: Gschwender (Königstein / 94.) – Audience: 100. – Aims: 1: 0 (14.) Mike Michalak, 2: 0 (55.) FE Paradzik, 2: 1 (81.) Schlünz, 3: 1 (82.) Fatih Uslu, 4: 1 (88.) Paradzik, 4: 2 (90.) Schlünz.

FC Karben – SV Gronau 0: 3 (0: 2): After the first 45 minutes, the home team had long faces. The FCK coach 's plan, Harez Habib, put pressure on Gronauer, who had still not won, from the start and to ensure a clear start early on. turned out to be wishful thinking. Timo Schmidt's shot on goal (30th) is all that the Karbener Elf has achieved in attack. But it worked with the footballers of Bad Vilbeler district according to the desire. SVG coach Florian Schwing laughed after two goals from Advan Cakiqi (15./ flat shot from 18 meters) and Fabio Pinto da Silva (44./ after a long ball from the defense) limping. Nico Gasch's goal, scored in the 48th minute, was already a preliminary decision in favor of Gronauer's guests, in which the storm hits Gasch and Pinto da Silva got the best scores with great will from Kurzsteno / referee: Anne Ürsfeld (Mainz-Kastel). – Yellow-Red: Cakiqi (90th). – Spectators: 230. – Goals: 0: 1 (15.) Cakiqi, 0: 2 (44.) Pinto da Silva, 0: 3 (48.) Gasch.