Steffen Litzel new coach at FV Dudenhofen: 2

Steffen Litzel new coach at FV Dudenhofen:

Steffen Litzel (33) will start next season as a successor to Christian Schultz (43), coach of league club FV Dudenhofen. Schultz takes over the duties of sports director. The president of Dudenhofener, Roland Klaus, announced Tuesday evening at the communication of RHEINPFALZ. He is very happy to announce these personal details.

With immediate effect, Schultz first took over in parallel until his departure as coach of the sport coordinator, Klaus, director of the FVD, said: "We, the council, the want in the interface between the three active teams and young people of JFV Ganerb and install the board. "

Many tasks

For example, Schultz's area of ​​responsibility includes executive planning with respective coaches and line managers of individual teams, new entrants, coaching issues, public relations, training camps, equipment, etc. .

Klaus: "Christian Schultz is endowed with all the necessary skills by the council here, and we look forward to cooperation."

Awesome, competent

Regarding the succession of coaches, the club looked for an internal solution from the start: "Discussions were held with candidates who suited us," said Klaus: "In the end, we all opted for our ideal candidate Steffen Litzel Steffen has promised by handshake for two years starting in the 2020/21 season, the first team to train and the ligaunabhängig. "

The President: "We, the board members, look forward to working with these two skilled footballers and exceptional people, and we are confident that you will develop our players with their football expertise.