Tattoos are more dangerous than expected: needles trigger allergies | 2

Tattoos are more dangerous than expected: needles trigger allergies |

Colors are not ideal for the body. But even tattoo needles can be dangerous for your health. This shows a study.

Danger for tattoo fans: needles can cause allergies

Those who get tattooed take risks. Not only is the motive maybe one day you do not like it anymore, but there are also health risks. Already known was that colorsfor the body ornaments to be used reactions can trigger.

More or less by chance, researchers have now noticed that the tattoo needles Can cause problems – when smaller particles When you tattoo, take off and stay in the skin. What, according to researchers at the Federal Institute for Research on Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin, not so unusual. The study that accompanies it calls "Toxicology of Particles and Fibers".

Allergy to tattoo needle residue – it was a coincidence

As a result, metals causing allergies dissolve particularly frequently when titanium dioxide is used, contained in many tattoo colors such as green, red and blue. Tattoo needles are made of an alloy containing between six and eight percent nickel and up to 20 percent chromium contains. Both metals are toxic and can trigger allergies if they break down.

According to Ines Schreiver of the Federal Institute, this new finding was a coincidence: "In the investigation of tattoo colors we discovered metal particles. In the detective work, we discovered that they came from needle abrasion. "