These 5 coins would have made you rich this week 2

These 5 coins would have made you rich this week

These 5 Altcoin projects were particularly successful last week

Which cryptocurrency owners could benefit from strong price gains this week? Introduction: These first five coins in terms of market capitalization performed particularly well last week (week 35). KW 34 can be found here.

Although Bitcoin posted a 7% drop last week, some projects also managed to post strong gains this week.

5. Ardor + 12%

Ardor offers Blockchain as a service (BaaS). This means that Ador provides businesses with custom blockchain applications. The security and technical details of the blockchain are taken up by Ardor. The Blockchain Ardor has several connected children's blockchains, which can also interact with each other via an integrated purse.

The current price increase may have been triggered by the relaunch of the project website.

But otherwise, the project is fine.

Ardor can be traded on Binance for Bitcoin.

4. Icon + 16%

Icon should be one or the other of the bull market at the end of 2017 a term. Meanwhile, an icon was trading at over $ 12. Unfortunately, the price is currently only around $ 0.22. Nevertheless, Icon has prevailed this week and gained 16%. Icon is a Korean project that wants to gather all blockchains. Thus, it should be possible in the future, by way of Icon, for example, to make the Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions compatible. Icon ICX's currency would serve as the broker's currency.

The current price increase is due to the announcement of the long awaited launch of Staking

Icon can be traded on Binance against Bitcoin.

3. MaidSafeCoin + 18%

After KW 32 and KW 33, MaidSafe was again in the top 5 best plays this week. MaidSafe sees things big and wants to reinvent Internet (decentralized). MaidSafeCoin represents a spare part for a coin, created later and used as the currency of a new Internet.

The current price hike took place yesterday and was relatively strong – and no public news could justify this sharp rise in prices. The price increase will likely be related to insider trading (then to something more important for MaidSafeCoin in the coming days) or to Pump and Dump. Therefore, caution is required!

Most MaidSafeCoins are exchanged for Bitcoin on HitBTC.

2nd Ethereum Classic 29%

The dead live longer. Ethereum Classic has been declared dead by the end of 2018 – you no longer have enough money to pay the developers. However, since this publication, Ethereum Classic has been able to deposit 49%. Ethereum Classic is a fork of Ethereum Blockchain. Or rather, Ethereum is a fork of Ethereum Classic.

The backgrounds can be read in this article under item # 2 DAO. The story is simple and simplified: In the early days of Ethereum, a bug in one of the most popular smart contracts, "The DAO", was exploited to steal a large number of ethers. In order to defeat the bow, the Ethercha Blockchain of the time was forged. Piracy was reversed on the fork now known as "Ethereum". However, Ethereum Classic is the first Ethereum channel, where hacking has not been canceled.

The price increase is probably due to the upcoming Hardfork network "Atlantis", to which Ethereum Classic will add new features.

Binance also supported ETC this week, which will lend cryptocurrency with Binance Coin, Tether and Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic can be traded on Binance against Bitcoin.

1. Wanchain 103%

Wanchain – another case of "dead say live longer". The WAN network was still trading for € 9.32 in mid-2018, but it currently stands at only € 0.47. Wanchain is a fork code of Ethereum. Wanchain, like Icon, wants to link different blockchain projects.

The price of Wanchain began to come back to life on 23.08. This is due to the wealth of good news that Wanchain recently published.

The Wanchains picket will be available in a few days.

In addition, the mobile wallet has been released.

In addition, a new design of the website has been published.

And Wanchain has also traded on Binance against USDT since last week.

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