Violence in the football league: referee (71) in clinic | 2

Violence in the football league: referee (71) in clinic |

A football player beat a 71-year-old referee in a match. The reason was a yellow card in the 86th minute.

a footballer has a 71-year-old referee during a match at Herscheid downcastThe opportunity for the 28-year-old was a yellow card in the 86th minute. The game had to be stopped after. the Senior came to the hospital.

The player of the departmental league of TSKV Altena had started with a 1: 5 balance against TuS Herscheid on the referee. On the Facebook page of TUS Herscheid, it is stated that the residue "had burned the locks of a guest actor".

According to the police, the 28-year-old missed the referee from a blow to the lower jaw. He was treated at the Herscheider hospital. "He testified to the blow," said a spokesman for the police. At age 71, he filed a complaint shortly afterwards for assault.

Umpire defeated – possible suspension of the player

The fact that referees are verbally threatened is not unusual – said Christian Liedke, chairman of the Lüdenscheid District Arbitration Committee. However, the fact that a referee is physically attacked was rather rare in the past.

In the coming days will follow a special report from the relevant referee. "It is introduced throughout the district league and may impose a temporary ban before the case is heard in the district court," said Liedke.

The association consults the weekend

Fikret Durak, coach and first president of TSKV Altena, was appalled by this incident. He himself had not been on the football field this weekend. "I only came back on Tuesday and until now I only read the reports in the media and talk to some players, we have to get all the information first and then we'll see how we, as an association, will handle the situation.Of course, the behavior makes me sad and I'm sorry, especially for the referee. "

On the weekends, there will be a board of directors and a team meeting. "We wanted to be high on the equity table this season," Durak said. "It unfortunately did not work for the beginning of the season," commented the club on its Facebook page: "A very bad start for our club. […] There are times when you can not say much about what's going on. "

No other shots

Christoph Wilk, Managing Director of TuS Herscheid also commented. "From our point of view, Sunday was a blackout situation of the player of the opposing team, such behavior was not mentioned in the match, nor after this action, other assaults, nor against the referee or the players of both teams. "He could not confirm such an accumulation.

Again and again, there had been violence in the games in the past. In June escalated the conflict at a children's football tournament and resulted in a knife attack.
In NRW, a brutal attack against referees also took place in June: the players were placed under police protection in the cabin.

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