World football champion does not have time for the NFL 2

World football champion does not have time for the NFL

This is only recently won the Carli Lloyd for the second time the title of the World Cup football. The star of the USWNT and a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles were invited by the team to the training camp and showed a strong performance there. Her goal of more than 55 meters became viral and after that she received offers from the NFL teams.

Your coach James Galanis said, including a concrete offer to Lloyd to be the first woman to be used in an NFL pre-season game. "Another call from an NFL team followed Sunday" Galanis told Fox Sports on Monday. "The team that called, I do not know what it was, she was ready to put them on their list of players for the fourth week of preseason."

The ladies of American football come out

She had to cancel however. It would take a few weeks of practice to acclimate and the Americans will play their own pre-season against Portugal on Thursday. Everything is open for the future.

Lloyd is one of the best attackers in the world and known for her tremendous shooting power. It is unclear whether this 37-year-old woman will continue her career until the Tokyo Olympics or stop.

"There was a lot of talk about it"Lloyd told Planet Futbol. "I think anything is possible, the thing is so interesting for the media because I'm a woman, but I'm only an athlete and competitor, but a lot of people have started to wonder about themselves." there will never be a female athlete in the NFL, there are a lot of discussions, I have received offers, but first I am a football player, only then, we will see. "

Former Dallas Cowboys Cowboys' personal vice president, Gil Brandt, shared a Twitter sweep at the Chicago Bears, who lost their NFC Wild Card card game for a goal that has since been sidelined. Codey Parkey lost, which led to a rather wild search for a substitute.