Focus on Ripple: Cryptanalyst Bets $ 100,000: Ripple Will Overcome Bitcoin by 2020 | message 2

Focus on Ripple: Cryptanalyst Bets $ 100,000: Ripple Will Overcome Bitcoin by 2020 | message

• Ripple will outperform Bitcoin until 2020
• Banks will conduct the ripple course
• Partnerships should increase the volume of trade

WelsonTrader believes that Ripple has outperformed all other investment opportunities over the past decade and expects Altcoin to continue to be better accepted than other crypto's in the future, according to CRYPTO MONDAY. – Bitcoin trading with Plus 500 – that's how it works. 80.6% of CFD retail accounts lose money. – In a tweet, he explained that the wave course will outperform the Bitcoin 2020 course. While the community is smiling at him in part, he is firmly convinced that he even bets $ 100,000 on his prediction .

Banks will generate growth

WelsonTrader believes that banks are aware that cryptocurrencies will become more and more important in the future. Ripple, as a centralized digital asset with a long reach, is therefore very interesting for you. According to a report by CRYPTO MONDAY, "banks are used by almost everyone, bitcoin is a complex system that was never intended to replace them.Once XRP is listed on the Nasdaq and other Batteries- the towards a market capitalization higher than that of Bitcoin ". Therefore, WelsonTrader assumes that the ripple will become the global cryptocurrency in the future.

Current developments in the cryptography market

Bitcoins have risen sharply since the beginning of the year and experts are forecasting new heights of more than $ 60,000 by 2020. New institutional investors are growing steadily and generating billions of dollars per year. months, said Coinbase's founder, Brian Armstrong, Brian Armstrong as reported by CRYPTO MONDAY. Bitcoin is also already accepted by more than 100,000 merchants worldwide and also used by banks for cross-border payments.

In the meantime, some old coins have lost much of their value. Due to its dominant position in the market, Altcoins rely heavily on Bitcoin. It even means that the bigger ones dominated the cryptography market and could decide when the Altcoins would be climbing again.

Ripple: Partnership with MoneyGram

In recent weeks, Ripple has proven that the company has set big goals for the current year. The XRP trading volume has already increased through the partnership with the payment service provider MoneyGram and has created high expectations among investors. The XRP has not had any real success this year, apparently due to the lack of "commercial use of xRapid, which uses the XRP as an intermediate currency for international transactions". But that too should change in the future. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Brad Garlinghouse, Ripples' CEO, said: "The MoneyGram agreement is truly one of the first cases of using digital assets at the moment. real scale in practice, so it's a big problem.If I bet now, the MoneyGram contract will have a bigger impact on the cryptography markets than the white paper on Libra … ". The company also plans to acquire additional new partners using xRapid and XRP, according to CRYPTO MONDAY. Some banks with which Ripple contacted a few years ago also showed, as Garlinghouse reports, that they were already interested in the xRapid cross-border payment solution, xRapid.

It remains to be seen whether the new partnerships will have the desired effect and that, as expected, the banks' interest will continue to increase.


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