Football: Hoeneß announces its decision: "long process" 2

Football: Hoeneß announces its decision: "long process"

Bayern without Uli Hoeneß? The unimaginable will soon become reality. The Vereinspatron wants to relinquish its position as president and chairman of the supervisory board to former president of Adidas, Herbert Hainer. Nevertheless, it seems clear: an Uli Hoeneß does not disappear.

Uli Hoeness wanted at least a little bit of uncertainty about his retirement from FC Bayern Munich at the head of the management team.

"I said that tomorrow I announced my decision," said the 67-year-old at the reception of the two-time winner, FC Bayern Munich, in front of Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder at the Czech Chancellery. # 39; State.

Of course, Hoeness no longer wants to divulge a secret to the board of directors of the German football champion, then to the public: the club sponsor will retire at the end of the year, after the first series in Bavaria.

Hoeneß will no longer be running for president at the end of November. And he also wants to give up the presidency. The two offices will take over the former boss of Adidas, Herbert Hainer (65 years old). "It's a long process," Hoeness said when making his decision.

Hoeneß retires after 40 years of management and presidency – but of course, not completely. He wants to remain a member of the supervisory board. And he announced on Wednesday: "The help for Bayern has nothing to do with the office.I said that I was always available." For a Uli Hoeneß no. There is no need for an official function, the club is indeed the work of his life.

While Hoeneß at Bayern honoring in Munich, Hofgarten was still no secret to his retirement, all the others did not make any more. "It's hard to say what will change," said captain and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer: "I think even if Uli Hoeneß should no longer be president or no longer there, that does not mean that he will not let go, he will always stay connected, will always support and will always help Bayern. "

Prime Minister Söder said: "One thing I know, he will definitely preserve the club." CSU politician Hoeness called him "father of Bayern". This "will remain emotionally tied to the club in all respects – in which function he decides himself."

As Bavaria's supervisory board, former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber presented for the first time Hoeneß's motives. In addition to private considerations, it was his criticism at the meeting last year, but also "disputes" with the CEO Karl-Heinin Rummenigge, as for example with the coach Niko Kovac. This could be interesting and exciting again, if Hoeness himself describes his motives.

The German press agency lists the different stages of Uli Hoeneß's life:

July 7, 1974: Two years after the European title, Uli Hoeneß also congratulates himself as world champion of football. On three occasions, he won the title of European champion with Bayern, winner of the European Cup. There are also three league titles and one cup victory. He won the World Cup in 1976. After a chronic knee injury in 1979, he ended his career at the age of 27.

May 1, 1979: The management career begins. Hoeneß takes over the duties of his predecessor, Robert Schwan, wearing a gray jacket and a notepad under his arm. A desk and a buffet with a phone, that's what the office looked like at the time. Hoeneß rings for two hours, then the first day of work is over.

February 17, 1982: Hoeneß, 30, miraculously survives the crash of a propeller plane on the way to Hannover for an international match.

May 23, 2001: Bayern is the first winner of the Champions League, Hoeneß's greatest sporting success as a manager. In this role, FC Bayern also celebrates the success of the UEFA Cup in 1996. He has 16 leagues, 9 cup wins and 1 World Cup win.

November 27, 2009: Hoeneß is elected for the first time president of the club with 99.3% of the approximately 4,500 voting members. With ovations and calls "Uli, Uli", he represses his tears. Hoeness also celebrates the title in this office. The highlight is the unique Triple 2013, including the title of the Champions League.

March 13, 2014: The Munich District Court owes Hoeneß for fraud at least 28.5 million euros. He is sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Hoeness accepts his prison sentence and resigns from his Bayern office. "When I come back, I will not retire, it is not that yet!" Announced Hoeneß a little later at an extraordinary General Assembly. A month later, he goes to jail.

November 25, 2016: Nine months after his release, the big day of re-election is approaching. Applauding like a football stadium and singing, the 64-year-old proudly chooses the elections. "I promise you that I will not disappoint you," he says. More than 97% of the more than 7,000 members vote for him.

November 30, 2018: At the annual general meeting, Hoeneß gives an overview of the changes in the club's direction, in which Oliver Kahn must play a central role. He himself is criticized in an unusual way in the late evening, there are even boos. "Tonight is not without a trace," admits Hoeneß shortly thereafter.

29 August 2019: Hoeneß wishes for the first time to announce to the supervisory board the decision on his future at Bayern, "which is satisfied". At the Annual General Meeting at the end of November, he no longer wants to run for the presidential election. He also wishes to entrust the presidency of the supervisory board. The two offices will take over the former boss of Adidas, Herbert Hainer (65 years old). Hoeneß wants to remain a member of the supervisory board. He does not quite go with it. "The help for Bayern has nothing to do with the office," he said Wednesday.