Kaan Ayhan remains loyal to Fortuna Düsseldorf | nrz.de 2

Kaan Ayhan remains loyal to Fortuna Düsseldorf | nrz.de

The head of the defense of Düsseldorf, Kaan Ayhan, and the team of first division, Fortuna, agree on a new contract, valid until 2022.

Kaan Ayhan remains loyal to Fortuna Düsseldorf

The decisive conversation took place at Maria Alm. During the training camp in Austria, Fortuna's sports leadership, consisting of coach Friedhelm Funkel and sports director Lutz Pfannenstiel, sat down with Kaan Ayhan and his advisers Thomas Strunz and Yilmaz Sanli – our editorial team reported exclusively. Both assured the Turkish international of its importance for the planning of Fortuna's future.

Ayhan said he wants to fulfill his current contract for 2021. Except before closing the transfer window, September 2, but still an offer that he can not refuse.

Other offers were available

Well, Manchester City did not call, not Real Madrid or Bayern. And the club should not have been much smaller, Kaan Ayhan of Fortuna could have carried it away. "Kaan has been with us for a few years and now has Fortuna blood in his blood," Pfannenstiel said Wednesday afternoon, when the 24-year-old decided not only to stay, but even to extend his contract prematurely. 39, in 2022. "The offers have made us proud of course."

Even though both parties agreed to remain silent on the terms and conditions, two new contracts are clear: Ayhan's salary increases by a few percent and a new exit clause is also included in the contract. The old noise had risen to around 4.5 million euros and fell on May 31 – the new one will be well over twice as high.

But much more important than all the numbers is that Funkel can continue planning with his chief of defense. Because despite the 99% commitment of Ayhan in Maria Alm, we resisted the last fears that a club stronger financially can tear it off in Düsseldorf. This concern was addressed by the extension of the contract with which the central defender sent an important signal.

The personal efforts of Funkel and Pfannenstiel played a decisive role in this regard. "It is very important for me to receive this encouragement from the club," Ayhan said. "The officials are very concerned for me, which means great recognition, we still have a lot to do here."

High performers and leaders

Fortuna still has a lot to do with their defensive leader. "This extension is a big step forward in Fortuna's future," said Pfannenstiel. "Kaan is an absolute artist and leader, and he was one of our most important players last year and will remain so this year and in the years to come."

Since the change of her hometown of Gelsenkirchen in the summer of 2016, Ayhan has grown immensely personally and in a fun way and has become, in addition to Fortuna, in the national team of Turkey. Meanwhile, he played 24 A internationals and scored two goals, including 1-0 in Turkey's 2-0 win over World Cup champion France in qualifying for the World Cup.