Kim Kardashian reveals the identity of her favorite sister and admits that she was obsessed with fame

If you're from such a large family as the Kardashian-Jenners, you'll always have brothers and sisters with whom you get along better than others – and Kim Kardashians reveals who her favorite sister is now.

Kim, 38, discovered in an interview with her husband Kanye West a show from Vogue Arabia, the sister she loves most.

She revealed, "It changes as friends and relationships come together. I think this year has been a very good year for Kim and Khloé.

"Obviously, I'm also very close to Kendall and Kylie, but I spent a lot more time on this land with Kourtney and Khloe – 16 and 17 years older with them."

"We have more history, we have lived so much together and we have more friends together, Kourtney and I will always be very close, but this year, Khloe and I are really connected."

No mention of the elusive Rob Kardashian.

Kim not only chose Khloe as her favorite sister, but also showed that she was obsessed with fame and that it made the feeling "addictive", but she did not regret having made her life accessible to anyone.

She admitted, "Even in my darkest period, I do not regret making myself visible to the whole world because people have told me over the years how much it has helped them to cope less with their own. difficulties, feeling alone.

"I like to have a voice and appreciate the platform that has been given to me, even if sometimes I want more intimacy.

"Money has always been the goal, but I was obsessed with glory, like an embarrassing obsession … I agree that glory can create addiction."

At least she is (brutally) honest.