One in five homosexuals will vote for the FPÖ 2

One in five homosexuals will vote for the FPÖ

Austrian Parliament
Peter Korrak / Parliamentary Direction

One in five gay or bisexual men will vote for the FPÖ. This is the result of an online survey of the IFQM Institute commissioned by the Gay Network Gate Professional Association.

The Greens lead in front of the SPÖ – but FPÖ and ÖVP are right behind

According to Sunday's question, the Greens are leading with 24% ahead of the SPÖ with 22%, but with 21%, that's the freedom of gay customers in third place. Then come the ÖVP with 19%. The NEOS is surprisingly weak: with 10%, it ranks fifth.

"I am pleased that we are in first place," said Federal Councilwoman Green Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, currently a candidate for the National Council, during a discussion on the podium at the occasion of the results of the # 39; study. "For us, human rights are indivisible, and we also have many candidates from the community in a chosen place"

Here, the commitment of the Greens pays off significantly. Because compared to the electoral behavior of the total population, there is much more sympathy for the Greens, the ÖVP is significantly less performant than average.

Despite hostile LGBT policy: gay people are expected to endorse liberal politics

The fact that libertarians, who have always been strong against LGBT issues, find such approval is surprising. "Watching how gays and bisexual men chose over the years was predictable," said Chris, an IFQM leader, about the FPÖ's strength in gay and bisexual men.

This should also bring about a change of mentality in the politically engaged community, asks the People's Party: "40% of the votes of the ÖVP and the FPÖ – we should get closer to the community," said Nico Marchetti, Member of the National Council and President of the Vienna JVP, during the round table.

In Chancellor's question, Pamela Rendi-Wagner is right in front of Sebastian Kurz

And also in the question of the desired Federal Chancellor, the People's Party makes the thing passable: the SPÖ candidate, Pamela Rendi-Wagner, with 31% and the former Chancellor of the ÖVP, Sebastian Kurz, with 29% very close to each other. "Both the Sebastian Kurz electoral motive and the non-electoral motive, Sebastian Kurz, are strongly represented at the ÖVP," Führer explains. For his fans, Kurz is considered young and dynamic, his opponents reject him with so much passion.

Asked about the vice-chancellor's favorite, Werner Kogler, leader of the Green Party, with 28% of the vote, Beate Meinl-Reisinger, boss of NEOS, with 21%.

Lesbian and bisexual women and other sexual and gender minorities were not interviewed in this survey. "We only have members who deal with homosexual men," said Network Gate President Günter Moser: "We have focused on this target group because it is important for the parties."