Queen Elizabeth II: This still annoys her when Trump visits 2

Queen Elizabeth II: This still annoys her when Trump visits

When Donald Trump visited the British Royals in June, many things smiled on him. The recordings of the state visit reflected an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony. But at least at the head of the family of the royal family, the visit left a lingering aftertaste.

Donald Trump (73) is a man of great performance. You would not expect anything else from a man who lived in a gold tower before he arrived at the White House. It was therefore not surprising that his entry into the state visit to Queen Elizabeth (93) was therefore extravagant. With a helicopter, the US president landed with his wife on the lawn in front of Buckingham Palace – and twice a day. He had explicitly insisted on that.

Apparently, the landing and departure but the "victims" requested. Because the previously perfectly maintained green zone – in the English way – has suffered lasting damage. Burn marks and holes ruin the meadow and the meadow owner is anything but delighted.

He did not stay with burnt grass, because Donald Trump still had more "delicacies" for the Royals at home.

Mr. President, this is not the way to greet the royal family!

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Queen Elizabeth is reported to have deplored Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (51). This is worth "The Sunday Times". According to a prime minister's confidante, she joked to him, "Come and see my lawn, it's ruined."

If she had noticed the green spaces devastated during Trump's visit and was moved by it, she had cleverly hidden the monarch. Because the three-day state visit went off smoothly and the regent constantly showed her guests her most charming smile. British courtesy relates to the love of the perfect garden.



Queen Elizabeth II
That's why Camilla will be the next queen

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Queen Elizabeth is content to see the misadventures

Shortly after her visit to the United States, the monarch proved that she was not bothering her quickly at the Royal Windsor Polo Cup. Traditionally, the queen presents the trophy to the winning team at this event. While she gets up after the match to get off the sidelines, one of her guests misses out. Because the long scarf of a musician blowing the queen in the face.

What arouses enthusiasm among the guests, themselves seem a little less touching, if we believe the images of the video below. To move a professional like Elizabeth, you will have to hit heavier weapons, like a burnt lawn.

She has a scarf in her face - and she hardly seems to notice

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