Science fiction short film "Corrections" | An exclusive DUST premiere 2

Science fiction short film "Corrections" | An exclusive DUST premiere

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"Corrections" by Nick Tucker

In a next-generation prison, prisoners are "corrected" for a few days by an A.I. linked to your conscience. Cyrus, a lone probation officer, becomes obsessed with Alice, a sociopathic prey that A.I. It seems unable to reform.

Full synopsis:
In a future prison, inmates are not locked up for years: they are connected to an accelerated simulation that allows them to serve their entire sentence in a few days. What these inmates do not know is that before being released, they undergo a "probation simulation" that seems completely real, and their moral determination is tested in their most private moments. In this way, only the truly reformed are considered "corrected" and returned to society. Cyrus, a lone probation technician, becomes obsessed with Alice, an attractive and sociopathic inmate who the system seems unable to reform. While most inmates are quickly corrected and released, Alice has failed in almost a thousand probation simulations. Cyrus tries to convince Alice to undergo a procedure that will radically alter her personality, so that it can finally be corrected and released. But Alice has her own plans. Despite having erased her memory among Parole Simulations, she arrives at Cyrus, seducing him and taking away his sanity … until it is not clear who has the advantage.

A message from the filmmaker:
Corrections is a story about a world of almost complete state surveillance, a world that has abandoned trust for security, a world distressingly similar to ours. I wrote Corrections as a way to examine issues of surveillance, privacy and the role they play.
in how we make decisions. How can we be our true self when we are constantly under the eyes of others? We like to think that surveillance can only reveal the true character of people, but the
The pressure of constant observation has the same power to influence how we behave and think of ourselves. Corrections also refer to relationships between people, the way we exert power over others in a surprising way and how we become victims or perpetrators, without realizing it. Cyrus and Alice are caught in a power struggle, their impulses and weaknesses conspire to create a truly toxic relationship. I want the movie to leave viewers wondering if it is possible to really correct people, and if we really want to live in a world where there is no room for people we can't "fix".

More from the filmmaker:

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