"Straight Pride" in California attracts only 20 participants 2

"Straight Pride" in California attracts only 20 participants

Staight Pride Poster
Screenshot: CBS News

Saturday's big flop was the first one
Pride "in the Californian city of Modesto, despite weeks
The reports were about twenty participants who
Want to celebrate heterosexuality in public.

There were a lot of incidents in the organization

And otherwise the event was rather a
Cumulative accidents: the organizers wanted to be the first
demonstrate a public park. Because she but the necessary
There was no liability insurance, the city administration refused them

Then the organizers rented a
meeting rooms. But shortly before the event, the owner revoked the
Contract because he had not been informed of the real reason for the rent.

Twelve times more counter-protesters than participants

Now, the event took place as a demonstration in front of a gynecological clinic
the organization "Planned Parenthood" held this day from elsewhere
closed – for many conservatives right, these clinics are a red
Fabric because they also perform abortions. Events in front of buildings
are not rare.

And while celebrating your own heterosexuality
a small demonstration in front of a closed gynecological clinic was
Opponents of Modest's Straight Pride are better organized. About 250 people protested
At the same time against the event, there was no incident.

One of the organizers says that it is a "group of totally peaceful racists"

One of the organizers of the counter-demonstrations: Matthew
Mason, the gay foster son of one of the organizers of the "Straight Pride".
He accused his mother Mylinda of spreading hatred. "They are followers of
White supremacy, presented as a "right pride", and people take
this package and the ideology that goes with it, "he said
28 years old.

Don Grundmann, another Straight organizer
Pride, "said at a community meeting even though they were" a total peace
Group of racists ", as the lot
Angeles Times
written. "They want a cultural war, know this rhetoric
I've been all my life, "says the activist, who hates this hatred
his own experience knows. When Matthew was gay when he was 19,
He was chased out of the house by his adoptive mother.

"Straight Pride" in Boston is also not a good star

On September 12, another "Straight Pride" to
Boston is taking place. By the way, "Grand Marshall" of this parade is supposed to be Milo
Yiannopoulos – the gay post-boy in the USA. he
was in fact out of the question because it was in the past
Child abuse has been minimized, but it seems to be good enough for that.

Omen for the event booth in Boston
otherwise not very good. Several companies surprising their logos
found the posters of the organizers they have public
asked his company not to connect to the event
to bring.

"Straight Pride" events are the last round
the right conservative American. It's not just classic gender roles
and celebrate heterosexuality, but also mobilize against abortion
and all the others who are not white, Christian and conservative. It gives that
The umbrella organization for this event, the "Straight Pride Coalition", also open