Telegram: launch of Gram in October 2

Telegram: launch of Gram in October

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Unknown sources

In a New York Times article, investors announced that Telegram's cryptocurrency would be made public on October 31, 2019. The sources, however, wanted to remain anonymous because they are forced by "non-disclosure agreements" to remain silent.

Although the first Gram Token only at the end of October to their
new owner must be sent, the actual network in the next
start one to two weeks. Until now, little is known about grief.

Telegram had a tour with private investors in May 2018. The sale of chips totaled $ 1.7 billion. Since then, the project has been considered several times as a prime candidate for a revolution in the digital payment system.

What will happen to the regulation?

While Facebook with Libra from all over the
The world is attacked and must defend his plans, he has a telegram
until here very easy. It may also be because, despite the great
The expectations to date were little known to the project.

Crypto-currencies have recently been the subject of high-level political plans. This is confirmed by the statements of the US Treasury Secretary and his German colleague. In addition, the G7 has planned international action for large-scale surveillance.

It is therefore interesting to see how Telegram adopts
is. Especially on the merits that his service is fully encrypted.

Gigantic range

The company could use its cryptocurrency up to 300
Reach millions of users. Similar to Libra, the project could be a
Be the spark that provides for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This should depend on two factors. the
We need a regulatory framework that does not make Gram hostile
is concerned. This could be avoided, depending on how the
Cryptocurrency has been designed.

On the other hand, it will depend on the cases of use
are possible with grief. If a large ecosystem around crypto-currencies
could make it interesting for the masses. without
Points of acceptance, Gram would have sent only the advantage within the messengers
to be able to.