The beginnings of superstars: "Lahm saw no cup" - "Salah was underground" - FOOTBALL 2

The beginnings of superstars: "Lahm saw no cup" – "Salah was underground" – FOOTBALL

During his coaching career, Heiko Vogel (43 years old) accompanied, promoted and later discovered many mega stars.

In an interview with "SPOX" and "Goal", head coach KFC Uerdingen, third division, spoke of two of his former protégés: Philipp Lahm (35) and Mohamed Salah (27).

About the world champion Lahm, he said it would have been more difficult in a club other than Bayern in his youth and perhaps even settled. "Philipp was so smart in the game, you had to see that, you know that Philipp did not have a cup in the under 16s," said Vogel, who worked for Munich as junior coordinator and head coach. youth teams.

But "That did not interest us – and that may be different in other performance centers because of the pressure." According to Vogel, so he is also lucky to be in the right place at the right time: "Schweini (Bastian Schweinsteiger, Anm .Red.) It was like that." Philipp and Toni (Kroos, ed.) Were so extraordinarily good that they could not be prevented. "

From 2009 to 2012, the 43-year-old joined Switzerland as coach of the best club of FC Basel. There he discovered Mohamed Salah, who is now one of Liverpool's mega-stars. The video recordings made the Egyptian international interesting for the Swiss. Vogel about Salahs first observation: "I saw him for the first time in the office of Gegge (then sports director Georg Heitz, Anm.d.Red) at the office, so I told him Gegge: "Look at this, it's amazing, they handled the videos." The guy was so fast, he was crazy. "

During the subsequent test training, the Egyptian then aged 19 was unable to convince at the start. His performance in the first two days of training describes Vogel as "underground".

But the last striker caught himself and showed from the third day, what potential was in him – and then convincing then bird and company: "As he broke everything, it was really unstoppable." He was so agile, so explosive – not striking.If he had this thing on his left foot, the ball was still there, "recalls coach Uerdingen.

Hard to get started – even for a superstar!